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EDM and Hip Hop Music Producer

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The best beatmaker you have never heard of! Producer of hundreds of EDM tracks, bass guitar and piano player, singer, and song writer.

Looking for new and well established artists to showcase my music with, build my personal brand, and move forward with my dream of becoming a well known and respected music producer! Can make EDM, Hip Hop, and Jazz style recordings for any voice type. A reason to hire me would be that no one else sounds like I do! One of the most unique voices you have ever heard.

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Interview with Jade Brown

  1. Q: Tell us about a project you worked on you are especially proud of and why. What was your role?

  2. A: My own personal albums. I am very proud of my work, what I have accomplished over the years. Started out as DJ Pmj, then used the moniker Loone Wolf, and now I am releasing music under my own personal name Jade Brown. Have learned alot about how to create songs, getting more comfortable with my own voice, and exploring the depths to which my mind can process different vibes and sounds.

  3. Q: What are you working on at the moment?

  4. A: My own personal album! It would be my 23rd or 24th album.

  5. Q: Analog or digital and why?

  6. A: Digital! Would like to explore more with Analog one day, but going Digital has been a gift in terms of ease of access, affordability, and getting my toes wet learning the ropes on how to build and create a song.

  7. Q: What's your 'promise' to your clients?

  8. A: That I will listen, learn, and create songs that tailor to both of our talents.

  9. Q: What do you like most about your job?

  10. A: Freedom to express my emotions. It is very therapeutic to work on music.

  11. Q: What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

  12. A: When I have my first customer on here will update this and let ya know!

  13. Q: What's the biggest misconception about what you do?

  14. A: That it is easy. Finding inspiration through a certain key, tone, or note is easy but structuring it in a way that is relatable, fun to listen to, and sounds balanced is the challenge.

  15. Q: What questions do you ask prospective clients?

  16. A: Will ask how long of a song do they want, how complex in terms of keys and tone do they want it, basic structure questions, what kind of vocal range do they have.

  17. Q: What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

  18. A: Only to give me a chance and to be genuine about what type of sound you are looking for! I am always learning something new about my own tastes and sounds so genuine feedback is appreciated!

  19. Q: If you were on a desert island and could take just 5 pieces of gear, what would they be?

  20. A: Water, Solar Powered generator, Laptop, Microphone, and Keyboard

  21. Q: What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?

  22. A: For over 10 years! Started making music when I was in High-school, and have never stopped since! Was the bass player in a local band for a couple of years, have worked with other local Djs and Producers who I personally know in my community over the years.

  23. Q: How would you describe your style?

  24. A: Jazzy, unique, stylish, with a blend of both new school and old school elements.

  25. Q: Which artist would you like to work with and why?

  26. A: Daft Punk if they weren't retired! Haha if I had to choose any singer/songwriter it would be either Eminem or Kendrick Lamar.

  27. Q: Can you share one music production tip?

  28. A: Attention to detail when it comes to transitional points in any particular song.

  29. Q: What type of music do you usually work on?

  30. A: EDM, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, and RnB.

  31. Q: What's your strongest skill?

  32. A: Playing piano, composition and structure of beat, writing lyrics and poetry.

  33. Q: What do you bring to a song?

  34. A: A unique styling and blend of EDM, Classical, Jazz, Funk, RnB, and Hiphop. Have a keen ear for how songs could be structured. Can guarantee that you have never heard anyone like me before!

  35. Q: What's your typical work process?

  36. A: Start with a note on a piano or synth line, or a pattern based on bass or drums, build a more detailed melody and adjust the complexity of the rhythm based on how the melody plays out.

  37. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  38. A: Just me, my laptop, an AKG microphone, Ignite by Air DAW, and my Oxygen Keyboard!

  39. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  40. A: Daft Punk is my main inspiration. Ever since I heard the album 'Discovery' as a kid I knew I wanted to make music.


Terms Of Service

As many revisions as it takes, turn around time less than a week, looking for contacts and supplement my monthly expenses so pay can be determined on a case by case basis.

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