Darius "Deezyondabeat" Holmes

Music Producer & Engineer

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My Passion for mixing music is like sculpting emotions with soundwaves, where every beat is a brushstroke and every note is a color, blending together to create a masterpiece that resonates with the soul. I have been recording and mixing songs for the last 17 years.

"Born and raised in the soulful city of Shreveport, Louisiana, this seasoned music producer and engineer is a true maestro with 17 years of rich musical background. With roots embedded in the cultural tapestry of Shreveport, their music journey began early, weaving through the vibrant notes of RNB, TRAP, and the rhythmic beats of Louisiana's diverse music scene.

From the first encounter with an instrument to countless hours spent in local studios refining My craft, i have amassed an endless reservoir of experience. Their musical prowess extends beyond the boundaries of genres, blending the flavors of Southern charm with a global sonic palette.

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  1. Review by Lik
    by Lik

    Fast work broke down the mechanics of rapping and recording. From breathing exercises to breaking down 8 counts.

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