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Produced and Co-Produced for Zoey Dollaz, Sylvan Lacue, Domo Genesis, Dessy Hinds, Lil B the Based God, DJ Dahi, Nessly, Ciscero, Defiant Vanity and many more. Ran sessions in Brooklyn, Chicago, Atlanta, Louisville, and Oklahoma City. Producer wizkid Brandon Keibler, a.k.a. Keib.

Former producer wizkid turned rapper extraordinaire, a.k.a. Keib. Known for exotic and colorful synths, autotuned croons, debaucherous house party bangers, and drums more reminiscent of an earthquake than a conventional hip-hop beat, it is easy to find one's self lost within the world Keibler is effortlessly able to create. While he had found success as a solo and co-producer (most notably inking records with Sylvan LaCue, Domo Genesis, Lil B, and others), it was not until he picked up a microphone himself that his true potential as an artist was unlocked. Following up on his 2022 debut "Funhouse Emporium", Keibler released "Thank U, Algorhythm!" on March 3rd, 2023. Featuring artists Saint MercatØr (famous for the song 'The Biggest Bird') and Hotboy Moderna. In the Spring of 2024, Keibler released the 18 track album 'DEFCON K3IB'. A bold, undeniable statement from the opening screams of 'Katniss Everdeen', to the powerful drums courtesy of Grammy Award winning producer DJ Dahi heard on 'Step Back', DEFCON K3IB is an eye leveling look at the trouble one faces on the road to fame. Currently, Keib is working on the soundtrack for the feature length film "Defiant Vanity" staring Guardians of the Galaxy actor Sean Gunn.

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