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I am an independent Audio Engineer working from a home studio. My services include both Mixing and Mastering, and I specialise in Hard Rock and all types of Metal songs. If needed, I am able to write/produce drum tracks via MIDI drum software.

I've always been a huge fan of music, in particular Metal and I've always been intrigued by how songs sound and the production behind them. Unfulfilled by certain mixes of what could have been great songs, I picked up Mixing and Mastering to avoid unsatisfying audio production on my own bands material, but want the knowledge I gained has taken me further and I am now able to offer my services to other bands. A very thick, powerful and punchy mix is something that I personally find very important to create a song that stands out to the listener that will stick with them.

As stated, I mainly specialise in Metal and all sub-genres within it, but I am able to cater for all types of Rock and Metal. My personal music taste varies from melodic and older rock to technical death metal and everything in between. Djent, Metalcore, Pop-Punk, Death Metal, Deathcore, Thrash Metal, Groove Metal, and every other sub-genre, I'm a fan and will be eager to mix.

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Terms Of Service

Cost of Mixing/Mastering will depend on the project. I allow three revisions per song included in the price of Mixing/Mastering, any extra revisions will cost £10 more.

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