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Mastering is my passion I prefer mastering but if your mix is bad I can fix it or make it better but mastering usually does the trick saves you money gets you Pro Competitive Sound

Are you tired of listening back to back to your songs with industry standards feeling low feeling like you need to mix it again turn up the bass give more clarity more detail more punch do you feel like giving up because the industry standard song just blows it out of the water or it sounds like its on whole other level then yours? Like their guitar player came from heaven and the singer is such a pro or you wonder if I only had recorded at better studio used a better mic sang it with more passion? I did too for for a long time it took 20 years and almost me giving up many many times to figure it out and I did. You see music is not about being perfect its about being emotional and that's where the difference lies many engineers can provide a perfect eq spectrum of safe frequencies because they are scared to cross boundaries but you want to know who is not scared THE INDUSTRY PROS they break so many rules to get that fat rich detail punchy emotional sound and then offer classes on how to do it right and safe. They don't want the competition its a business there is only so much room at the TOP. I'm not saying having great master is going to make you a super star the song has to be great too and there are so may more steps to take but at least you will feel like your songs belongs next to industries songs and that's the start you need everything else Marketing and Salesmanship.

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Rough and Steady Babylon

I was the Mastering Engineer and Producer in this production

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