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At Clockwork Audio Mastering we use the best tools at our disposal to offer clients a finely tuned, detailed master. Catering for CD, online streaming, digital download, vinyl, and more.

Clockwork Audio Mastering was established in 2011, and has grown steadily ever since. The studio has worked with a wide variety of artists, mastering genres from EDM to Soul to Grindcore.

The studio itself centres around the Tyler Acoustics D1X mastering speakers, a D'Appolito Array speaker design standing at almost two metres tall, powered by an Emotiva XPA2 power amplifier. Secondary monitoring is provided by a pair of Neumann KH120As, providing super-linear response. The studio also comprises of RME conversion, DBX compressors, and Denon playback, all running in and out of an 8-core Mac Pro, utilising software from Avid, Waves, Izotope, Melda Productions, Hofa, as well as many others for the best mastering and restoration service possible.

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Gear Highlights
  • Tyler Acoustics D1X
  • Neumann KH120A
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