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Mark 'Drezz' Dressler is a recording engineer and producer from Bristol, UK. he's been recording and producing for over 20 years and has recorded many records with artists such as Dubi Dolczek, Count Bobo, Alabaster De Plume, Daniel Inzani, The Spindle Ensemble, The Evil Usses, Cloudshoes, Leonie Evans, Paddy Steer and many more....

"I've managed to gather and maintain an interesting selection of vintage and custom equipment. This includes tape machines, valve equipment and older units with transformers in. Utilising these pieces, and using ribbon mics, and older designs predominantly during recording and mixing, I'm able to get classic tones to suit the musical flavour presented.There are plenty of options in regards to process but it's probably best to discuss on a case to case basis...

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Terms Of Service

Negotiable by consultation.

Gear Highlights
  • Neotek
  • SSL
  • Shadow Hills
  • Custom built clones of Neve
  • Pultec
  • too many to mention.........Ribbons
  • Dynamics
  • Condenser mics. Tubes
  • transformers. Get in touch.
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