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Le Noize Maker is a studio dedicated to music realizations, recording and mixing LPs and EPs. In a warm atmosphere, the studio offers two recording booths and a control room which combines a Pro Tools and analog equipment dedicated to recording and mixing. The studio is located in the North of France, 30 minutes from Lille, 2 hours from Paris.

In live recording condition, or track by track, the studio has two recording cabins designed with neutral and matte acoustic, separated from the control room and exposed to light.
On a technical level, the studio work with a Pro Tools station and analog configuration including a Soundcraft 1600 series, 24 tracks of 1982 as well as many machines ‘hardware’, such as tube preamps, analog compressors and equalizers.
For mixing, all analog and digital machines of the studio are interconnected, which allows to use all the material resources of the studio compressors, parametric equalize mulitbandes various reverbs & delays … This way of working in tandem with the plugs in and machines hardwares, has the main advantage of making mixes more dynamic and especially warm.

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Gear Highlights
  • Soundcraft
  • Universal Audio
  • Empirical Labs
  • Lafont
  • Groove Tube
  • DBX
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