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Over 20 years experience as a Studio and Live Sound Engineer. Styles ranging from Classical, Blues, Rock, Folk and Prog...Voice Over, Sound FX, Foley...Location Recording for Film, ADR and Post Mixing. Full services available from Recording right to Mastering.

- Availability to mix your multi tracks - 200$ per song
- Mastering your 2 track mixes - 40$ per track up to 6 tracks, 30$ per additional track.
- Stem Mix/Mastering (i.e. up to 8 stereo stems) - 125$ per song
- Live Sound Engineer - 350$ per day
- Live Recording - 800$ per day (with equipment - i.e. Microphones, Preamps, Pro Tools 12 HD DAW)

Other services:
- Recommendations and suggestions to get a better sound from your own setup.
- Online collaboration - record your project on a step by step basis and we build your mix as you record. This also ensures avoiding mistakes and problems later.

Analogue mixing via MCI JH-636 console with outboard equipment to 1/4" tape available.
Solid State Logic Alpha Link AD/DA 24 ch i/o MADI
Pro Tools 12 HD
Hybrid mixing Pro Tools / MCI Console
Soundcraft Vi 64 channel Live console with Direct Digital Recording

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Gear Highlights
  • TAB/AMI U-47
  • 2x C-12's
  • SSL Alpha Link 24 i/o MADI convertors
  • Neve and API Pre-amps.
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