Remote Mixing & Mastering


I'm a Sound Developer who specialize in making you sound the way you want, feel and deserve, in any way possible. Everyone has a sound - let's develop yours.

Studio owner, sound and music producer, engineer and designer.
Recorded musician, toured Europe self taught and later an educated music producer and audio engineer.
Before opening my own studio I worked as a sound designer at Paradox Interactive in Stockholm - you'll find most of my work in Hearts of Iron 4, but also Stellaris.
Mostly I've recorded and mixed a lot of local talents and artist and I've been the mastering engineer for one of Italys big metalcore bands, Cry Excess.
I love to be creative and really enjoy a varied work, so anything you throw at me; I will help you develop the sound you deserve, in any situation.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Cry Excess

I was the Mastering engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

I usually give 3-5 revisions depending on project size, if needed.
Turn-around time for a master is regularly 1 day, mix 2-3 days.
Prices excludes 25% VAT for customers without VAT number.

Gear Highlights
  • UAD2 apollo8 quad
  • Genelec 8040
  • Yamaha NS10 studio
  • SPL Vitalizer mkII
  • SPL de-esser
  • TC Helicon Voice One
  • dbx 160a
  • Valley People 440
  • Focusrite ISA One
  • Gallien Krueger1001RB
  • Sansamp RBI
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