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Hi, I make records, usually without anyone wearing headphones, becasue of this kink I have a HUGE bag of mix tricks to bring recordings in less than ideal conditions to a universally presentable and professional place.

The best studio recordings and experiences happen when the technical challenges are minimized and the performances are allowed to happen rather than forced to conform to the new room, new sound (headphones, ooh noo!!) and possibly a new feel if playing against a click track. thats a lot of new variables for an artist to deal with, and the hand of an experienced engineer/producer can absolutely make some of these much more transparent to the players involved.

I am a firm believer that the more time in studio that the band spends out of their own songs (provided they are well rehearsed) talking about good music, fun times, laughing, communicating and enjoying being human, the more productive the time spent in the room playing becomes. Music happens as it does, and in the tracking phase its important to be as loose and low stress as possible to attain the best performances.

preferring to track as much live as possible, with as many elements in the same room as possible, and headphone free whenever possible, I am just as comfortable working with unfinished ideas and letting the studio become a part of the band, as well.

I am interested in working on more projects that allow me to learn new techniques and angles for realizing the beauty people hear for themselves coming out of the speakers in the end.

Contact me if you would like to make interesting recordings.

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Gear Highlights
  • Vari Mu
  • 110Eq
  • focusrite 115
  • a room that allows a setup where the players dont need headphones.
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