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I would love to help your music be the best it can be.

You have a vision of where your music will go. My Appalachian Trance Metal approach specializes in unquantifiable rhythms, intuitive intonation, and shamanistic ROYGBIV. The sounds I make color outside the lines, though it might be a good fit for your music regardless of genre. Think of it as icing on the gluten-free cake, the kind you can only get from that one market across our global town. I've been involved in more than 300 album projects as a producer, nearly 1000 concert performances, and have 38 years of guitar playing under my belt. Though I'll can go microtonal and panrhythmic with your song, it'll be easy on the ears. The artists I've worked with range from classical to heavy metal to jazz to electronic to avant-garde to uncategorizable. Whether your podcast needs a finishing touch or you want to create something totally new, I'm excited to hear from you. I love mixing and mastering...drawing out the subtleties that make music sparkle. Thanks for listening.

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11 Reviews

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  1. Review by Monique O.

    Working with Killick, one not only has the opportunity to interact with a vividly and incessantly creative person, but also a kind and curious human being that is willing and able to advise and contribute to an extremely wide variety of musical styles. His collection of collaborative and solo projects is immense, evidence of astounding skill and ability! I HIGHLY recommend!

  2. Review by Julie Caldwell
    by Julie Caldwell

    One of the most experienced listeners I've ever know, Killick has the aural scope to encompass any approach to music from the most basic folk styles to the most complex and "out" experimental avenues. His attention to detail, his research about equipment and process, and his encyclopedic knowledge of just about everything is rarely matched. He is kind, humble and encouraging. Highly recommended!

  3. Review by Chris Lott
    by Chris Lott

    Killick is extremely thoughtful and patient in both production and performance, and has been very helpful in advising me on a mixing project of mine, specifically in dialing in bass/low-end frequencies for a group that is difficult to categorize. This experience speaks to Killick's ability to remain open and approach each project on its own terms (or the terms you intend for it).

  4. Review by Brad Bassler
    by Brad Bassler

    Killick has the ear for sound. He has worked with an extraordinary collection of artists from around the world and across the musical spectrum, always eliciting the best in them and in music.

    Brad Bassler

  5. Review by Scott Burland
    by Scott Burland

    I have had the opportunity to work with Killick in a variety of situations. His attention to feeling and detail is unmatched and I would work with him in a minute if I were to get the call. Highly recommended.

  6. Review by Paul Vo
    by Paul Vo

    I've been amazed at the consistently high production value of Killick's work. Wherever the recording takes place, in a studio, on a stage or outside on the porch of an old farmhouse, the result is always of consistently high quality. Beyond this, I respect him as an artist. He hears things differently than most but he genuinely hears what he creates. His work is always unique and authentic.

  7. Review by Michael Manring
    by Michael Manring

    Killick is a visionary sound-textualist who always sees the big picture and has a lovely ability to transform seeming chaos into holistic expression.

  8. Review by John Norris
    by John Norris

    As a music producer, Killick's HINDSIGHT (his inner understanding of various musical genres) is well matched with his FORESIGHT (his ability to get the maximum creative expression from an artist).

    Plus, he's an engaging and articulate and inspiring guy to work with!

  9. Review by CLAIRE DUNPHY

    Killick inspires. He is a guide leading you further into the meaning and mastery of your
    music than you have been before.

  10. Review by Federico Balducci
    by Federico Balducci

    I had the honor of working with Killick on a recent project and I must say that it was an amazing experience. Killick superb skills help the project reach its fullest potential. Killick has an intuitive knack for knowing just what will make each track sound most authentic, a deep understanding of musicians and their needs and a clearheaded, dedicated approach to getting the job done.

  11. Review by Rick Toone
    by Rick Toone

    Fast. Decisive. He will get you to commit. Exceptionally skilled at editing and mixing complex soundscapes. Killick is a true sculptor of sound. One of the best producers I’ve ever heard. I recommend him completely.

Killick & Monique: Better Than Sparkles, Disattuned

I was the producer/engineer/co-creator in this production

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2 revisions per song; typical turn-around time is 2 weeks; 50% payment upfront & 50% on completion; I will output 24/44.1 WAVs (provided through internet links).

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