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Touring sound engineer - Ofer Dvir uniqe sound design

hi i`m ofer sound engineer for touring acts 12 years of touring and bringing perfection to the live stage well i love perfection and fight for every note as a musician i love taking a live preformance to the next level and bring in the studio magic out to the stage

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Simon Strehler

Hi, I'm Simon, and I'd love to help you tell your story.

Engineering & Mixing - Jermal Jermel


I work extremely hard at a time efficient pace providing nothing short of exceptional quality.

DIY All Stops Music producer - Limitless Audio

Do you need a record to really "pop"? Do you want your music to have a creative, cutting edge? From various session work, to professional Mix/Mastering services, my job is to make your job more fruitful, and enjoyable. Produced Cryogen's debut ep featuring later American Idol finalist, Katie Turner, among various other local artists.

Recording Studio, Music Prod. - Ill Smith

Recording Since '2000'. Great with all Genre's of Music. Song Editing and Writing also Available.

Production, Mixing & Mastering - Cesar G

I am a record producer, engineer, sound designer based in New York City. Over 15 years experience, worked with major artists including Shaggy, Fred Da Godson, and illwayno.

Composer - Guitarist - David Nicovich

David is a versatile and talented composer and guitarist who brings a unique sound to every project. With a background in both classical and contemporary music, David combines expert guitar skills with a deep understanding of cinematic storytelling.

Guitar- Pop,Rock,Country,Blues - Lewis Shepherd

Creative and original sounding guitar leads for all music genres!

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