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Audio Enhancements  - Eternal Life Productions

My name is Michael Ellison. I am a mixing engineer located in Converse, TX. I do professional mixing and stereo file enhancements. I have been mixing for over 20 years and have worked with major artist and producers as well as worked with WEA. I have recorded MJG of Suave House Records and also Quint Black of Too Short Records. ASCAP member.

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Music Producer - Daniel Kaasikas

HI! My name is Daniel Kaasikas. I am a music producer from Spain but based in Liverpool,UK and I want to create something special with you. I specialise in Ambient, Orchestral, Epic, Horror/Suspense and Soundtrack music for films/tv series/commercials, etc.

Rapper, Songwriter  - Jai Blizz

Has released 3 albums, dropped several mixtapes in which were pushed by hand city to city, has also done rap battles

Music producer & Remixer  - Jason Eli


I've worked as a remixer & producer for both major and independent artists including Whitney Houston, Masters at Work, Damage, Lynden David Hall and many more. I've also remixed music that's appeared on labels including E.M.I, Sony, Motown etc.

Producer and Mixing Engineer - Anders Gukko

I had the opportunity to early in my career produce and mix many talented artists. Artists such as EDM star John De Sohn, critically acclaimed Port By Indigo, Transit Club, Tellus, Vapenbroder and countless others. I wake up every morning to write and serve great songs and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Professional Bass Player - Emanuele La Barbera

I love creating and recording bass lines and If you're looking for a groovy and prepared bass player, well, you are in the right place!

recording studio - danielparkop

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Musician , Singer - Arsha Radin

Arsha Radin is an Iranian singer

Artist, Writer, Producer - Royall

Royall: Kingly, regal and defiant. The Ace of the pack. He reigns from the tropical beautiful island of St Vincent and Grenadines, known for it’s sweet music of calypso and soca; steel pan and mass playing. A culture intertwined with the rich history of African and Indian music fused during the colonial past of the people from the Caribbean. A true


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