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Producer / Engineer / Mixer  - Julian David

I'm a music creator, producer, recording & mixing geek, songwriter, and marketing whiz. Most importantly, I'm here to transform your musical ideas into emotionally engaging products, that is a record that people will play over and over again.

 - Autodrive/Studiopolar

I'm a Electro/Dubstep/Techno Producer and Dj from Cologne. I love it to work with foleys!

Production, Mixing & Mastering - Tobias Kramer

Official remixes for Format:B, Oliver Koletzki, Ron Carroll etc. and several releases on big House/Techno labels like Format:B's Formatik Records, Oliver Koletzki's Stil vor Talent, UMEK's 1605, La Pera Records, Flashmob or Einmusika Recordings. Sound design and sample production for Vengeance Sound and Sample Magic.

Raspy pop singer-songwriter - Eka Laki

I will record strong raspy vocals in pop, soul, funk & EDM. I will topline on your instrumental or write a new song for you. You can also request harmonies :)

Music Producer - Chris - Sounddesign

I’m a producer, composer and a passionate musician for every genre (trust me, EVERY genre). In my head, music is a colorful world (btw I can really see colors when I hear single sounds, crazy, huh?). To fullfill an emotional soundscape it’s necessary to separate the sound from the usual genre requirement. And this is where I come in!

Recording Mixing Producing - Melaton Recording

You need sound, we make sound. Wether it is remote mixing and mastering all over the world or you're at our area and come recording, we offer top quality sound for urban music styles. Check out our links.

Producer, Sound designer - Jiayi Wu

She works in the fields of sound art, videoart, sound/light installation, intervention performance in public space. Her works have been presented at: MehrLicht Music Festival in Berlin, Germany; SWR Experimental Studio „Matrix15“ in Freiburg, Germany; Beethovenfest Bonn, Germany; ZKM „next_Generation“ Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany; Performance at

Music Producer,Mixing Engineer - Basstian

iTunes #1 for one of my recent releases on Spain Overall Charts above the songs of The Weekend, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, has just been the beginning for me. I'm an electronic music producer, and a mixing & mastering engineering, who has specialized in psychology as well. So it goes without saying that I know exactly what the people want.


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