Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Damani Nkosi

Jazz Fusion Producer/Musician - Jack Wolff

Fusing 70s Jazz-Soul with 90s Boom Bap, Jack Wolff has over 3,500 monthly listeners on Spotify, having been featured on Jazz FM and interviewed/performed on KPFK(LA) He was the 2019 European Tour DJ for ILL Camille & Damani Nkosi, with chunky list of production credits. He has supported the likes of Mac Ayers & Children of Zeus among many more.

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Custom audio mastering - Hudson Street Mastering, LLC

Hi...I'm a full time audio engineer with 15 years experience.I specialize in audio mastering (Grammy Nominated). I also work as the head audio engineer for a major league baseball team. I'm here to help we can discuss budget I work fast and do top quality work.

Audio  (Mixing & Mastering) - Kenny Duclos

Tracking, Mixing, Mastering engineer

Music Producer + Songwriter - Andy DeLuca

Went from being a touring musician to a touring music photographer. I'm still doing the camera thing, but I'm here to properly use my musical abilities. Inspired by the greats, my goal is to make everything look and sound as iconic and timeless as possible.

Topliner & Vocalist & Lyricist - Rita Csányi

I love collaborationg with other artists/musicians. My work process is fast and I love creating catchy melodies with cool lyrics. One of my latest songs 'I want your ice cream by The Anahit' was co-produced, mixed and mastered with 5-time Grammy Award Winning producer and mixer Steve Dub.

Rapper & Songwriter  - Fred Jones

The Punk Rap, indie, RnB, and rock songwriter, most of my work for others is done as a ghost. As for notable sessions, I got to write for Sony music and JLS. My versatility as a rapper has allowed me to write any type of genre of songs from commercial to the undeground.

Produtor Musical, Beatmaker - CP no Beat

Creator Melody Live

Beat Maker, Producer, MC - Bloodmoney Perez

With more than 20+ years as an MC, Producer/Beat Maker, Poet, and engineer Bloodmoney Perez has created dark, gritty, and unique songs both sonically and lyrically, and boasts collaborations with Aloe Blacc, Exile, Blu, Messiah Musik and many others.

Songwriter, Session Musician - Jake Walters

Whether you're a singer, instrumentalist, producer, anything - I can provide high level talent to your project. Being skilled in a variety of musical genres, I can provide additional or primary songwriting, as well as lending vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass, or beat production to your song! I love working with people to create amazing music! :)

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