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 - mad emsia-littlesoul recording studio

certificated soundengineer & producer. for more info see the description below...

Mixing and Mastering  - Supadrumz Music Group

Do you have a Audio Production job and are looking for a talented and experienced Audio Production ? I believe that my experience and skill in this background will prove to be of great help to you. I have worked as a Audio Production for many years and my skills and experience will prove useful to your work. I am ready to start working on your job

Recording, mixing engineer - Raúl Navarro

I try do it as good as I know. Firstly, always listen the music before recording. Music must be listened, it's an emocional energy. From there, we can work. Trust your ears: if it sounds good, that's fine. No rules. If you have to use +17 dB to get the sound you want, go ahead. The important thing is how it sounds, not what you did to achieve it. "

Mixing & Mastering 🎚️ - Stefano Crispino

I'm a Sound Engineer graduated at D.Cimarosa Conservatory (AV). I can edit, mix and master your songs. Quality and cleanliness, in a self-respecting audio product, are the winning weapons.

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Mixing, Beatmaking, Production - DJ Slava

Mixing engineer, Beatmaker, Music producer with huge passion.

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Music - MO Remix

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