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Mixing & Mastering, - MistacMusicOfficial

You ever wanted a Mixing & Mastering service that takes your sound to a very competitive level like some of your favorite records but somehow couldn't make it work, maybe because of gear or insufficient mixing experience. I as your mixing & mastering engineer with an experience of about 11 years’ in music production will solve all this problems

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Mixing, Tracking, Audio Post - Dylan Oakley

Dylan Oakley is an Audio Engineer and Musician based in Chicago, IL specializing in Music Mixing, Recording, and Production. As a classically trained percussionist and drumset player Dylan has had the opportunity to play in, teach and write for many genres. Utilizing both his technical and musical knowledge, he works to articulate artist's Visions.

Producer,Songwriter,Remixer - Kevin Rockhill

Kevin Rockhill is a New Jersey based musician with over 15 years of experience in composing for television and producing for various artists. In addition to compiling over 1000 tracks on more than 100 TV shows across 20 networks, he has also produced 5 Billboard top fives during his career.

Music Producer - Onassis


Hi my name is Onassis. I am a music producer currently living in Los Angeles. I have worked with a variety of artist such as Lil Wayne,Kid Ink, Anuel AA. You can reach out with any questions or inquiries. As a Producer/Songwiter I provide High Level production. You Can reach out for inquiries. Lets Work!

Music - Asfak Sad

I am an expert for Seo, Web Development and Creating Video.

Remote Mixing Engineer - Herschel Daniels

I'm new to the industry, but I'm good at what I do and I have a passion that can't be matched! I graduated from Full Sail University with a bachelors in Audio Production in May of 2021, and have been focusing on my mixing skills and freelance production since. Feel free to reach out for examples of my past mixing. Lets get your Project finished!

Remote hip-hop mixing - Grayson Storer

Hi, I'm Grayson. I mix and produce primarily hip-hop and rap. I work in most popular DAWs such as Ableton, FL, and Pro Tools. I have an extensive collection of mastering, dynamics, and eq plugins as well as outboard gear that I can use to make your song sound as clear and loud as possible.

Sound Designer, Music Producer - Rui Bonito

Sound design and music composing for a wide variety of appliances, using both analogue and digital technology.

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