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Mastering Engineer  - Monty @ Mayfield Mastering

Mastering engineer with years of experience, working out of the best-sounding mastering room in Music City.

Musician, Producer, Mixer - Rob Heath


Rock, Jazz, R&B, Americana and Experimental drummer here to help you find your unique feel and sound! For over 20 years, I've worked as a drummer, engineer and producer in the best studios and venues in the world w/such inspiring and talented artists. Let me bring those experiences supporting and highlighting their artistic visions to your project.

Mixing/Mastering Engineer  - Jahred

I’m from LA recording school with a 3.9 GPA. I mix vocals, beats, both, and master anything needed. I’m a Logic Pro user.

Production and Mixing - Haight Ashbury Studio

I have been writing, recording, producing, and mixing music for 5 years, with artists from various genres from rock to hip hop.

Music Producer, Drummer, DJ - Marvin Teran (STIXX aka Conejo

Steven Malcolm [Word aka Curb Records], Kevi Morse, Angie Rose [Capitol Records] | I have headlined (drummed for Angie Rose [Capitol Records]) with Lecrae and Skillet, WHATUPRG [Reach Records], and Steven Malcolm [Word aka Curb Records].

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Ronaldo Martinez

My main goal is to enhance the feeling or intention that you've infused in your track or audio, but at the same time making it sound balanced, bright, clean and profesional.

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Rap Artist, Engineer, Writer  - SYLVAN

What's up everyone my name is Sylvan. I am a Rap Artist, Engineer, and Song Writer. I would love nothing more than to collab with like-minded individuals. I'm forever grateful and forever hungry. Thank you.

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