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Music Producer, Mix/Mastering - Bryan van der Stok

Looking for someone who can take your vocal recordings or basic song to a next level without getting too expensive? Well you have found the right person. Why me? Because I've been obsessed with mixing genres in music production for over 5 years. You can always contact me for additional ideas. If you want to change something, I'm always there!

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Mix engineer - Jamie Giarraputo

At your service, because your music matters...

Acoustic-Prod-Engineering-Art - BLACK FIR

Free lancer from France : FR & INTERNATIONAL. Accept contracts Can move to client, recruiter.. _____________________________________________ -[Room] Acoustic engineering -Sound-audio engineering & production -Composition & scoring - Music -Music &/or audiovisual projects proposals

Music Producer - Riccardo Caprotti

I've a Recording Studio & Production named BUREAU STUDIOS in Milan, Italy. 10 y exp Ghostprod and Dj producer in my Town and all around the world. Also graduate in Pro Audio Engineer At CPM Music Institute (Premiata Forneria Marconi School) in Milano.

Music Production - Ivan Houben

Getting you out of your comfort zone to excel the performance !

Film and TV composer - Garry Judd

Last three jobs, two movies and a 10 x 1 hour drama series...Quiet Comes The Dawn, The House Elf and Shubert.

Mixing &  Mastering Engineer  - TwoneMixedIt

I love making music. I love making music for other people more. Let me help bring your song to life by giving it that industry sound you have been looking for. All songs on this playlist were recorded, mixed , and mastered by Twone at Versatile Studios in Birmingham Al. Have a song you want mixed? Send us a message and lets get started. - Turn It

Music Producer and mastering - Emilio Ponce

Hi!, so i can help you finish those mixes, if you need a beat also i can do it, lets get it done! i've been working with music and mixing for more than 10 years, i worked with big bands and solo artist, i moved to many places and that gave a better perspective on how people want a song finish and which are the results to make a song great

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