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Drum Editing - The Drum Editor

I can edit your drums for you, freeing you to work on what you're best at. I've edited drums on hundreds of songs, let me help you on your next one. Make Your Drums Flawless

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Mixing, Tracking, Audio Post - Dylan Oakley

Dylan Oakley is an Audio Engineer and Musician based in Chicago, IL specializing in Music Mixing, Recording, and Production. As a classically trained percussionist and drumset player Dylan has had the opportunity to play in, teach and write for many genres. Utilizing both his technical and musical knowledge, he works to articulate artist's Visions.

Musician/Mix/Mastering  - 5OVEREIGNTY

Musician/Composer/Mix Mastering Engineer of more years than I care to admit & yes you do hear my music on a daily basis in Film/TV & of course the internet. Now concentrating mostly on producing EDM.

Lyricist - Blue Acari Industries

You have the feeling of a burning taste like alcohol scorching your tongue out of deep hatred or a glow brighter than any ray from the sun out of love on your beat and your melody, but you just can't find which words to put to your music to convey the message you want to send to your listeners...? What do you do? Contact a lyricist. Contact me.

 - Dave Gibson

Essex-based songwriter and lead guitarist full of satirical yet poetic lyrical balderdash.

Vocal Tuning and vocalist   - Casandra_Lark


With 20 years of professional vocal and music experience, I can take your vocal track from rough too polished. I can truly make it sound pro studio quality.

Pop Producer/ Pop Topliner - Christian Brown

I will produce, realize, and mix your song or topline/record vocals for your track.


I like to create other worldly sounds that reflect what I see and imagine in self stories.

Rock/Pop/Country Mix Engineer - Ed Thorne

Professional grade hybrid analog/digital studio with 25 years experience as a musician, songwriter, and mix/sound engineer.

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