Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Morevox

RECs | MiX | Mastering  - Valerio Mina

I am a strong worker with a wealth of experience across music production process. I demonstrate accountability and leadership on a day to day basis, utilizing exceptional project management skills and enabling my team to consistently deliver even when faced with tight deadlines and competing priorities.

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Audio Engineer - Czar

Affordable recording and mix engineer with over 15 years experience. Examples of my work can be heard under the mix tab on my site at www.audioczar.net

MiX - Mastering - Sound Design - Sabino Cannone

Immersive- DOLBY Atmos MiX | Mastering Engineer | Mixing Engineer | Sound Designer |

Session Songwriter/Lyricist - Feauxx

Giving you mystery, myth, and lyrics that make you think...

Production,Mix/Master Engineer - Nafets

Proficient in both production and engineering across a wide range of genres, from Hip-Hop to Indie Rock to Punk.

Producer, Remote Mastering  - Stranger Souma

Originally from Casablanca, I have been making music for the last 15 years. I have many degrees and have been working officially as a producer since 2018. I have been mixing and Deejaying since 2013. I love Electronic music and I have released several Tracks with Sirup Music GmbH, and SRNDR HQ. I am actively and regularly releasing new music.

Lyrics and melodies  - Campbell

I’m a young writer who is constantly writing notes down everywhere as soon as an idea for a line pops into my head. I look up to lyricists such as Joel Little and Sarah Aarons. My writing style more suits pop and/ or alternative music but can fit in anywhere.

Mixing your Music - Jan Koschmieder

Translating your idea to reach the listener in a way you intend.

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