Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Nada malanima

Horn Section   - B.R.ASS - Horns Section


B.R.ASS it's a horns section composed by Paolo Raineri (Trumpet, Flugelhorn) and Francesco Bucci (Trombone Tuba). B.R.ASS recorded in more than 50 albums and collaborating with artists like Calibro 35, Nic Cester (Jet), Cattle Decapitation, Baustelle, Nada, Ghemon, IOSONOUNCANE.

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Mixing & Session Musician - Mot Bollox

I like valves, transformers, transistors and tape. I've noticed most things that sound good feature at least two of these in tandem. Over the years I've assembled a bunch of gear sporting the aforementioned components and fashioned them into a Recording Studio.

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Riley Ackley

Riley Ackley is a freelance recording and mixing engineer from the Twin Cities. He has a wide variety of artists that he has worked with and is willing to take on nearly anything you can throw at him.

Male singer and producer - Amadeus

Superb vocals, recording and music production.

Songwriter, Producer, Singer - SeanQ


I work with artists, studios, and production companies to craft relevant music with an original sound. Music should have the feel of the culture but most importantly, always sound like you. I write and produce for LSE, a record label in association with Sony Music. I also write and produce for local studios in Dallas, TX.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Rolf Jansen

Starting as a drummer and musician in a rock and metal band my mixes will be focused in converting the tracks into solid powerful pieces.

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Music producer and musician - Toti Cavalcanti

I am saxophone and flute player, i sing a little bit and play acoustic guitar too. I am fullstack web programmer too.

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