Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Natasha Remi

Producer, Engineer, Guitarist - AK Studios and Productions

Hi! I'm a producer and mix engineer specializing in rock/pop. I love making and mixing songs/records that desire to leave an impact!

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Audio engineer - Titan Reampings

Titan Reampings has been created in order to provide earth shaking guitar tones at the most affordable rates. Send us a 10-20 second sample of your guitar tracks and we'll send you back a processed sample to evaluate the results COMPLETELY FREE.

Session Guitarist - Pete Serravalle

Hey guys and gals, Pete Serravalle here! Here's what I offer: Guitar tracking in all styles and I also offer Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele tracking as well. How can I help you manifest your musical vision? Let's hang!

Editing and Mixing Engineer - Danny Leiva

Hi, my name is Danny Leiva, I'm the proud owner of "El Jabalí Home Studio" located in Quito, Ecuador, I'm a sound and acoustic engineer who loves working in music projects (specially if they are pop, rock, metal related).

I do beats, I write songs etc. - NSG Legend

I can do a number of things in music from writing the songs to presenting the beats so hmu

Guitar Overdubs - Jan Terstegen

Colorful guitar overdubs for your song!

Musician, Mixing, Mastering,  - Matt Koval

I've worked with various genres of musicians. I play, guitar, drums, bass and piano. I enjoy the process of writing/recording and making music with quality. I work mainly with Pro Tools and have been using this DAW for 10 years. I have a large virtual instrumental library as well as mixing and mastering tools. I have also done music score for film


Beatmaker in Cancún, México

Musician ,Songwriter,Producer  - J.T.

If you are stuck on any ideas whether it be an unfinished song ideal, movie ,television ,movie , or commercial . I most certainly would love to help you complete and make it a finished product.

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