Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Ohio Weather Band

Mixing + Mastering - Spencer Martin


A uniquely immersive mixing philosophy that is full of vibe, character, and dimension. My speciality is working with artists who want to discover a new, fresh sound and make it their own. If you are looking for a cookie-cutter approach to mixing and production, then I am not the engineer for you!

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 - Minerva Studios

Managing Director of Minerva Studios, Glen Donoghue is a young and vibrant producer and composer based in Covent Garden, London. Chief Engineer @ Inflight Studios as part of the global entertainment company Inflight Productions Ltd.

mixing/mastering, producer - Berk Molla

Recently got my MA in Sound Engineering. 8 years of experience in audio-related fields like mixing, mastering, editing, comping, etc.

Producer, Audio Engineer - Tyler Sneed

Producer, Beatmaker, Audio Engineer

Remote Mastering - Alexandre Soares

The best of hybrid mixing and mastering using a vintage Tascam 388 and M216, Reel to Reel, a lot of handwired and powerfull analog gears as Adamastor optotube compressor, AlsetTec mastering baxandall EQ, Summit Audio TLA100A, and more. The Brazilian way of mixing, with the best of both worlds!

songwriter  - Damy Agboola

I am a singer/songwriter for soulful heartfelt music, love songs, afrofusion and acrobat music.

Producer - Vlad Beatzz

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Top Shelf Audio

I am known for being one of the top mastering engineers in the UK and worldwide. I am trusted by many top artists and record labels to mix and master their releases. I specialize in dance music and EDM with genres such as house, techno, Dubste and DnB though am equally skilled in genres such as Rock, Funk, Hip Hop and RnB. All genres are welcome!

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