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get your songs heavest ever - Kuan Chang Chiu x Strong Tones

I mixed songs for the heavy bands from international side and help the band meets the industry standard. Most bands are trying mixing on their own. They put much more time into it rather than writing new stuff, what a bad deal? Time-waster. All I offer is an ultimate solution which can bring your songs into the golden place!

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Stereo and Stem Mastering - Suture Mastering

Hey, I'm Wayne Sunderland and I run Suture Mastering :)

Songwriter, Singer. - Lauren Scott


I'm a singer, songwriter, and singer-songwriter. I'm a sucker for a great hook and have a soft spot for crooning country melodies. I love pop, R&B, and country.

Session Drummer - Carlos Coronado

Having toured the UK & Europe, played TV and Radio shows & worked in many studios, I am excited to be working with you :)

Sound engineer, Mix & Master - DC Records Italy

DC is David Costa, an editor, artist and professional sound engineer from Trentino, Italy. The DC label has now more than 70 productions of all musical genres, with the quality of the best instrumentation and 15 years of experience in the arrangements, recording, mixing and mastering.

Mixing & Mastering - The Real Legend

My goal is make your music sound professional, dynamic, and unique at the same time.

Singer/Songwriter/Vocalist - Kya Kyani

Singer-Songwriter I am a berlin-based artist. I write and do music for over 30 years. Most recently I started to focus on my career more professionally. Always up to meet new people and create new wonderful music. I am open for writing, and singing for others. Feel free to contact my management.

Music Producer and Mastering - Filip Marchidan

If I could name the main reason why I make and produce music is passion. I’m always open and eager to learn about new genres but my main domain is EDM and I usually produce in the Slap House, Big Room, and House genre. If you want to put passion and release a qualitative and unique song then let’s work together.

Multi-Genre Music Producer - Jevonta Clark

Jevonta Clark is a Multi-Genre Music / Record Producer who has produced over 1000 commercial tracks since 2016

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