Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with theblackcacophonypodcast

Music Composer Producer  - Kadir Demir

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Music Production, Mix & Master - MEDIUM PIZZA PROJECTS

Medium Pizza Projects is an online media production team that specializes in media production, mix and mastering & graphic design. #ALLARTISTMATTER

Piano, Mixing - Elliussen

I'm a classically trained 16 year old pianist, and I have about 9 years of experience with the instrument. I am looking for experience, and your wallet has nothing to fear. I'm interested in all genres.

Mix Engineer + Mentor - Jesse Keller - Mix Engineer

From an artists perspective, the mix can not only make or break a song but it can also make or break the entire experience. It's my job to be a relatable mixer who understands what's going on from the artist perspective. It's a big decision to HAND OFF your music. Let me take you through MY process and get you the product you desire.

session keyboardist, mixing - amontanor

Sessionist for more than 20 years with recognized groups of Latin American pop, rock and folk music, co-creator of the official song of the South American Olympic Games Cocha 2018 with Alfredo Matheus winning 5 Latin Grammy in production


Mastering engineering using state-of-the-art pro-grade ADI-2 Pro fs AD/DA converter. Mixing services are also available using professional tools and techniques in a professional listening environment for the best results!

Music Producer - FASHOWAVE

Opened for Tribe Called Quest, Devin the Dude, and Rockie Fresh.

EDM Music Producer - Missy Jay

Able to transform any sound in creative ways. Gracefully manipulating loops in real time. Editing practically everything. Massive love for eclectic sounds.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer  - Max Ivory

Get loud, bass heavy and crystal clear mix & masters to compete with world class artists on Spotify. Credits: Township Rebellion, Clap Codex and many more!

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