Juan Salvador Amezcua

Groove, Drums & Percs

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I am a session and touring drummer, based in Mexico City. I play with joy and passion, and love the idea of sharing music no matter distance. I speak Spanish, English and French

This is Juan, from Mexico, I am really excited about this, creating and sharing music, without boundaries. Rhythm and music is my passion and joy. I play drums a while ago, and describe myself as a curious mind. I would like to name a few artists I have collaborated with, who have shaped somehow my musicality. Former drummer of "Súi", and nowadays regular collaborating with "Líber Terán", singer-songwriter and lead vocal on "Los de Abajo" and "Adán Jodorowsky" (Adanowsky) both as a session drummer and touring. I have been endorser for Taye Drums and toured around Mexico and USA.

Besides I compose music for "Calembur", and also I am a trapeze artist! "Calembur" is a mexican circus company and school, we travel yearly to Europe to teach workshops and perform live.

I am happy to hear from you and your music.

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Gear Highlights
  • Taye Studio Maple
  • Ludwig Classic & Gretsch Catalina
  • Multiple Snare Drums
  • Zildjian K & Sabian AAX
  • Shure
  • AKG & Neumann Mics
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