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Musician, composer, producer

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I'm Franco Conti, multifacetic artist. Trough my life I have experimented different edges of art and in some point I started to see one in other. I Belice that music can "materialize" subtle planes, and I try to live in them and reproduce them for the people that enjoy my work.

Since I was a child I had have a strong attraction for music, that takes me for a road of exploration of different instruments, sounds and methodologies of studying.
On the other side of this road I also studied and got my degree on business university of Mendoza, I chose this career to improve my business ability (that I practice since I had 16 years old) and give me freedom to make my own proyects taking them from the world of the ideas to the world of reality.
In 2016 I started to work and travel around the world (I'm still doing it) and in a moment of epiphanies I decided to start my career as a musician (I always made music for my own soul, friends and family) so I started to compose songs, studying production (most mixing and recording). I played around the world, first as a street player and bars (I traveled to New Zealand, Uruguay and from Argentina to Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and finally Colombia doing this) and now I'm playing on theaters and also bars an cultural centers.
In 2021 I released my first album, all made it by me (composition, recording, mixing, mastering and productions), then I released an experiment of improvisation single "NUMEN", then my second album "LUZ" (in this one I didn't made the mastering), and finally I started to work with another producer and make remixes of songs from "Yendo" with the objetive to learn more of production from him.

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Franco Conti

I was the composer, singer, guitarist, beat maker, recording, mixing, and mastering engineer in this production

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