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What is your favorite part within a song? Is it the vocal arrangement, the genre, the mix, the story or how it makes you feel? These are all fundamental to me as your artist and concept creator, my team of passionate producers, engineers and writers guarantee that you are left fully satisfied and inspired to keep choosing us!

Hello I am Johnny Bliss...Former contestant as seen on Univision's "Va Por ti 2", NBC's "The Voice" season 14, Telemundo's "La Voz Us" Season 1. Strongly passionate about emoting the lyrics in your masterpiece, making sure your voice is not battling the music, but being part of the the entire symphony that is the song. Vocal arrangements, dynamics in vocal performance, etc.

As a contestant within a musical competition, I had to learn how to make the judges love my sound every week I was on stage. More importantly to me, I felt the need to mek them feel something and remember me each time I went up on that stage. I was coached and taught by world class vocal professors from D.f, Mexico to Los Angeles,CA to Miami,FL.

As of today I have been know for having a niche in savory, fun, upbeat, emotive and dynamic performances. This is the kind of music I'd like to make for you. Whether it's making a tropical song to salsa,bachata or reggae-it-up. Maybe, you need to express how hurt you've been through a beautiful ballad. Even if you're that cool person on the block who's super confident and wants an excentric pop record.

I am here to create for you while you prepare to give a major performance and kill on tour!!!

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.