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ScratchBuilt Studios is a completely unique recording space in Lisbon, Portugal, with well over 50 years combined experience in the recording industry. Integrating both the latest technologies as well as classic, and antique recording equipment, ScratchBuilt crafts a distinct sound from the ground up, from scratch!

We currently have two studios and two post-production facilities, and are currently building our third studio. For video post-production we have a room dedicated to a suite of tools used for voice-over and subtitling. For recording,"Studio A" is an intimate studio/control room suite we use for vocal, drum, and saxophone isolation, duos, and instrument overdubbing. It is also the primary studio we use for film/video overdubbing and video synchronization, for several major broadcasting companies.
Studio Z" is a larger room comfortably accommodating no less than six musicians (provided they are not all drummers). It has been carefully architected to create "acoustic zones" specific to various needs. Each "zone" is paired with a microphone plan specific to its qualities. It is based on an open control room philosophy, where the mixing desk and engineer are in the room with the musicians, facilitating rapid and clear communication between the two. We have removed the impediments of "talkbacks and cans," however, when the situation calls for studio/control room isolation, we can easily reconfigure the set-up to accommodate this need, although we do lose a little space in the smoking lounge. "The X-Lab" is where we build from scratch unique audio components and processors, both analogue and digital, and where we restore antique microphones, tube amplifiers, and cranky mixing desks.

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J.P. Simoes & Nuno Morao

I was the Recording Engineer in this production

Gear Highlights
  • 12 vintage Neumann microphones
  • valve compressors
  • valve amplifiers
  • 32 tracks
  • antique mics from the 1940's
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