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Ready to take your productions "A Vital Step Forward"? Join our elite team of producers, engineers, musicians and songwriters to get you moving in the right direction. With a wide range of services, information and products available, you can take your sound to the next level.

Vital Records LLC is a music production studio out of Ypsilanti, Michigan. With 30 years of education in music, mixing, mastering, vocals and engineering, Vital Records produces high quality productions at affordable prices. Vital Records was established in December of 2016 by it's founder David A. Hamilton. As a life long musician, songwriter, producer and resident of Ypsilanti Michigan, he spearheaded efforts to create a high quality music production studio in "his own backyard".
David began playing the piano as a youth. Under the guidance of the legendary Vernon Fails, he won his first music recital his second year in competition. He would continued to win 1st place in recitals to come until he no longer participated.
During his tenured in the Vernon Fails Piano School, David also began playing the drums in school. With his passion for the rhythmic feel of percussion, he was able to quickly learn and excel in class, eventually claiming first chair. With strong dedication and attention to detail, he challenged himself and began to compose music for his high school band.
While in middle school, David started recording local artists at his home, learning to produce, mix, and master on his own, then college.

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Rimanist H.U.D (Hold You Down)

I was the Mixing Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

We allow 2 revisions, and the typical turn around time is 2 weeks. After your 2 revisions you can get 2 additional revisions for half price. Revisions after that will need to be resubmitted.

Gear Highlights
  • Neumann Microphone
  • Propellerhead Reasons 10.3 DAW Oxygen 61. KRK Speakers
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