Aaron L Hern

Audio Producer

Aaron L Hern on SoundBetter

You might say I’m a transient of sorts—moving from DAW to DAW, mic to mixing, mixing to mastering. There’s no limit on my output. I can work in the box and think outside of it. Whether it’s mixing great tunes, producing VO and dialogue or creating amazing sound design, I find joy in the process of creating world-class audio.

I am a highly skilled audio professional with an MS in Music Technology and a BA in English with experience in the gaming, film, advertising, music and education industries. I have exceptional skills in Pro Tools and Logic and I am well versed in Sound Design, Podcast production, Audio/MIDI Editing, Recording, Composition, Dialogue, ADR, Mixing, Sweetening, and Foley.

I have produced thousands of audio ads, produced high profile podcasts, mixed and recorded high level talent for major media platforms as well as been involved in copywriting and multi-level creative launches.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

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