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Producer of electronic/organic sounds n music.

I write music in many different called genres. I use my computer, my guitars, keyboard and whatever to create the music. I am Mainly a music producer/songwriter.
I am educated at Studioblue, a smal school in Stockholm, Sweden that educate Recording, Producing, Audio Engineering, among more.
Learnt to Mix n Master there and from other producers.

I compose anything, inter alia, in words::
±Songs in called Genres(Lyrics, Harmonic)±
|electronic instrumental|
$Beats HipHop/trap/Techno/whatever$

About Flowerhill.
I've been writing music sense I was 3rd grade. I have a need in my body to create songs. It is one of the most wonderful feelings when I write something that exactly resembles what I ment. I got into producing to make beats, I usually rap myself.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

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