Momen Osama

Audio Engineer

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Creative Audio Engineer with 8 years of recording and mixing experience. Areas of expertise include Mr Mix Studio and freelance. Talented at quickly setting up equipment and utilizing special software to mix and edit tracks, including ProTools and Fl Studio. Tech-savvy and hardworking with excellent troubleshooting abilities..

I'll mix your music Professionally using the pro gears and top quality that I use for all my clients. Mixing is the adjustment of the individual multitrack elements of a song. This is where the music comes alive!
All genres welcome - Your music always gets proper attention it deserves!

Professional Mastering
• Corrective & Mastering EQ
• Multi-Band Compression
• Noise Reduction (if necessary)
• Dynamic Range Enhancement
• Harmonic Saturation Processing
• Stereo Imaging
• Clarity boost & Warm low-end punch that may be missing from your flat mixes
• No "presets" applied, every song is processed based on its needs
• Free Professional Dithering if you submit 24bit or higher quality files
• Competitive volume maximization

Quick Delivery!
Your song will be returned in 72 hours or 3 working days in WAV, AIFF and/or 320kbps MP3 format

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.


Gear Highlights
  • • Voice recording • Audio editing and synthesis • Sound Editing • Audio Mixers • Digital sound editing • Media production • In-studio recording • Microphone usage • Pro Tools expertise
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