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With influences spanning from Sade to 2Pac to Janet Jackson and back again, Tee Cox is creating music for today’s listener — sexy lyrical poetry delivered in the traditional smooth R&B soul style and mixed with pop-infused hip-hop beats of the new day.

A former career in education inspires a creative freedom, business savy and focus in her music. Tee is delivering music with a vision of the artist as directors of their own music. ‘Artists of today have more of a platform than ever to speak our minds and express our views, both individually and collectively, and there is great change happening in our society in support of us as we do. I am driven to give hope in telling my journey of faith and inspiring others to create music that speaks their story. I have a passion for literature, children's stories and fables, that has helped me shape a voice in today's conversation, and I believe I can best express my true thoughts, feelings, ideas and stories through my music.’

Tee is keen to push the importance of artistic truth, and creating a new music experience as artists connect more personally with their audience through digital platforms. ‘As a songwriter who also loves to dance, my creative dream is to work with with talented producers to create a musical symbiosis."

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1 Reviews

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    Tee is a great writer and very easy to work with!


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