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Unique music production and composition

I'm a NYC based music producer/engineer specializing in creating unique and original arrangements across many different genres. I'm a multi instrumentalist as comfortable putting together rock arrangements from scratch as I am programming current and relevant electronic tracks.

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16 Reviews

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  1. Review by Ian Vargo

    Jason and I have been working on projects together for almost 20 years now. He is a top notch producer, engineer, and musician overall. Great guy and wildly creative maker of music!

  2. Review by Elle
    by Elle

    I’ve worked with Jason again and again since 2019, and cannot recommend his artistry highly enough. His encyclopedic knowledge of how music works is quite special. His understanding of how to create a sound that is unique but within the bounds of a genre is singular. Working with him is always delightful.

  3. Review by Melody S.

    Jason is as good as it gets! Working with Jason is always fun, efficient, encouraging and inspiring. He's a great listener and puts the artist's vision for the song before his own- but will always give you his professional opinion when it's warranted. His humble demeanor and openness create an inviting, comfortable environment for anyone to work in. His passion for what he does really shines through in his work. I always enjoy our time in the studio together. I couldn't sing higher praise!

  4. Review by Coco Sachs
    by Coco Sachs

    Jason is so much fun to work with! He is not only incredibly talented but helped my vision come to life with all of my music, and we had a blast doing it. I can’t wait to continue making more music with him!

  5. Review by Dannie Place
    by Dannie Place

    Jason is one of the best producers I've worked with, if not the best! He has a unique ability to truly capture an artist's essence in their sound. He doesn't steam-roll artists as I find many producers typically do. His ear is incredibly sensitive and articulate which is what you want in a producer/engineer! He's a multi-instrumentalist and has a knack for catchy melodies. Also is like the fastest vocal editor and the best I've found - surprisingly this has been really hard to find. Jason is my go-to. He's super chill, professional, kind and a lot of fun to work with. Highly recommend!!!

  6. Review by Nick W.

    Jason is a joy to work with. He’s a talented engineer and musical arranger, but what sticks out most to me is his balanced approach to working with other artists. His patient listening and musical aptitude allow him to grasp a songwriter’s vision as well as add to it. If the song needs only a light touch, he can do that; if it needs a full arrangement, he can just as easily do that as well. He cultivates an environment of exploring new ideas while also keeping an eye on completing projects. Working with Jason is fun, easy, and will yield great sounding music. Highly recommend him. Great guy!

  7. Review by Andy R.
    by Andy R.

    I started working with Jason in 2011, and since then he has been my go-to producer and consultant about all things recording. Super-knowledgeable, Jason can quickly find the best sounds for a piece, edit efficiently and with finesse, and help craft interesting and impactful recordings while keeping the session fun and enlightening. I continue to recommend him to my musician friends time and again for his professionalism, positive attitude and dedication to his craft and skill set.

  8. Review by Thad DeBrock
    by Thad DeBrock

    Jason brings high musicality, fantastic ears and great energy in his work. With his superb musicality and super great personality , he brings out the best in the songs and the artists he works with.

  9. Review by Marisa
    by Marisa

    Hi this is Marisa Ferdenzi of CITYGIRL. Jason Cummings’ is without a doubt one of the most talented well rounded and efficient people I have worked with both in the studio and remotely. Impressive multi-instrumentalist too. He has such a great attitude and we always have a fun time while getting tons accomplished (even when i’m being a hyper perfectionist esoteric artist). He’ll always meet you where you are at, and effortlessly elevate your work with an endless amount of expertise, creative ideas and solutions, basically nothing he can’t do. So lucky to know him :)

  10. Review by Bart Martens
    by Bart Martens

    Jason is amazing. He has produced many songs that I wrote and he showed an enormous versatility, creativity and such a great instinct combined with the skills to get the best out of the compositions. What’s more, he’s a pleasure to work with, obviously cares about the music, and works so well with musicians. I continue to be impressed every time I work with Jason and hope to work on much more!

  11. Review by Henry Veloso
    by Henry Veloso

    My name is Henry Veloso. I'm a composer and producer. I've had the privilege to have worked with Jason on a few occasions where he landed his talents as an engineer and threw in his production and musician chops for good measure! The dude is a Pro-tools monster, and has an incredible ear, thus helping when figuring out harmonies and the overall creative process, all done with great customer service. It helps that he laughs at my goofy jokes! That alone can be an USP (unique selling proposition)! To say I highly recommend this guy would be well understated. Thank you!

  12. Review by Tonee Marino
    by Tonee Marino

    Jason is the best engineered I’ve worked with! Very professional, helpful, and he cares about the projects he works on as if they are his own! He makes great suggestions, and has an excellent ear for melodies, volume levels, etc. Great engineer and fun to work with!

  13. Review by Joshua Mash (Silas Fermoy)
    by Joshua Mash (Silas Fermoy)

    I’m a part of a band that initially started in New York and moved to the Bay Area. In my experience a producer/engineer as versatile and easy to work with as Jason is pretty hard to come by so we didn’t want to work with anyone else when we moved.. Jason was all in on producing us from NY by sending tracks back and fourth and the product came out just as good if not better! Jason adds elements to our tracks that would never have been thought up by us and most importantly stick with our style. Over the years we’ve developed a beautiful way of working together that’s always growing and evolving.

  14. Review by Jeannine Haden
    by Jeannine Haden

    I’m a professional recording and performing artist
    who has worked at some of the most high end studios in the business. I’ve worked with Jason several times over the past 10+ years and can say without a doubt that he is one of my favorite engineers/producers to work with. He is extremely fast and efficient, but highly thorough and will push to get the best result possible as both an engineer and producer. He’s technically gifted with achieving stunning sound, and he’s a HUGE asset musically - able to come up with vocal and instrumental arrangements on the spot to elevate any song.

  15. Review by Lenny
    by Lenny

    Jason is a “Swiss Army knife” in the studio, the “magic pixie dust” in any mixing situation and really like another highly skilled, truly talented member of the band when you need him to be. He takes a very personal approach towards projects utilizing his wealth of knowledge in audio production and music theory that are very conducive to any creative environment. Look no further if you’re looking for someone that takes as much care in cultivating and conjuring your dreams as you would yourself. Jason is everything I’ve mentioned and more, a consummate professional and true asset.

  16. Review by Anthony
    by Anthony

    Jason is a wizard! Great guy to work with for any style of music. Excellent programmer with great musicality. Can hear your song and fill in the arrangement perfectly. Pro guitar player and bassist! His speed and proficiency in pro tools makes his workflow so great for a quick and easy collaboration. He’s super nice too!!

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