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Sound Engineer/Mixer/Producer working with artists and labels to make music sound good and release ready!

Sound Engineer/Mix Engineer/Producer with a decade of important proven work experience in the recording industry. I started working as a sound engineer in 2010 in London where I worked for a total of 5 years, gaining important experience in different contexts such as: recording in multitrack/overdubbing in analogue/digital/hybrid scenarios, large scale mix, mix straight to stereo, mix music for video , music production, editing, vocal comping, tone shaping, dialogue replacement, sound design. Both with emerging artists and with successful artists. My cultural background is: University Degree Cum Laude in History of Music (University of Palermo, Italy), NCFE lv.4 Diploma in Sound Engineering at Alchemea College of Sound Engineering and Music Production (London, UK), Avid Pro Tools 101-110-201 official certifications. I progressed by covering various tasks in the recording studios I was working in, starting from the bottom, evolving my path to my natural role as Sound Engineer/Mixer/Producer. I believe strongly that every project is unique and every music has its own way of expressing, therefore I tend not being rusty on methods and techniques but rather I would focus on understanding the music at best and subsequently adapt my methods to it or I will find new solutions that fit the music at hand better. This is my style definitely.

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6 Reviews

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  1. Review by Virginia Rfm
    by Virginia Rfm

    Giulio è una persona molto professionale, dedita al suo lavoro che svolge con meticolosità e passione. Specialmente, mi hanno colpito di lui la sua cordialità e la sua conoscenza del mondo della musica. È disponibile e dà suggerimenti all'artista per rendere il prodotto il più coerente possibile con il mercato italiano e che tende alla massima qualità ; inoltre sta molto attento a dettagli che possono fare la differenza. Un altro elemento a suo favore è il suo interesse per gli artisti emergenti che guida nel loro percorso musicale con tanta dedizione

  2. Review by Hard H.

    Hard Horns worked with Giulio on the EP Dryads.
    He is a competent professional able to understand easily his client's needs. He is open to ideas, knowledgeable and passionate about music and sound. During our time with him he gave great inputs from choosing the appropriate mics to making informed, constructive production choices. He is very experienced with recording, editing, mixing. He is highly specialized and able to create any type of sound requested. Also, he has great humanity, patience and is always available. A precious resource to strongly rely on for the production of your music!

  3. Review by Francesco O.

    Competent professional able to understand easily his client's needs. Giulio is open to new music and style ideas, he is knowledgeable and passionate about several music genres and about sound experimentation. During our time in studio with him, he gave great inputs in all stages of production, from choosing the appropriate mics to capture our sound till making informed production/post production choices. He was crucial in the arrangement and sound choice stages for each and every member of the band, always ready to give informed, experienced, constructive advices that were appropriate in each

  4. Review by Rob Falsini
    by Rob Falsini

    Giulio Scimone is an extremely competent sound engineer, always willing to learn and experiment .
    I had the pleasure of recording an EP with him in London and it was a fantastic experience.
    Giulio is confident and relaxed , meticulous but without putting any pressure to the artists he works with . I would strongly recommend him , top quality sound engineer!!
    Rob Falsini

  5. Review by Luca La Duca
    by Luca La Duca

    Very good sound engineer, really careful to what musicians and artists wish in terms of sound. Giulio is able to be neutral and to give functioning advices as well when it's requested, very respectful of the people he's working with.

  6. Review by Maor Appelbaum
    by Maor Appelbaum

    I had a great time working with Giulio. He really cared and went the extra miles to make sure the clients are happy and communicated very well with me and the artist.

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