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Haunted Love & Afterlife Nostalgia

Hi, I'm Juliette. Welcome to my profile!

Hearing a love song is one thing...

Hearing a love song that makes you cry, feel like falling in love all over again, or truly understood in your grief... is something else!

It is this specific type of songwriting - deep, often bittersweet - that I am passionate about and honed the skill of writing of for the last 15 years.

I started playing the piano at 7 years old and later on learned the songwriting craft alongside professionals in the industry. I worked with a variety of producers in Paris, the UK and the US on songs and music for film and television.
Combined with my passion for other art forms like acting, fantasy world building and my scientific and coaching degrees - It made me understand the human psyche and emotions in a deep way, helping me fine tune my writing.

Grieving the loss of loved ones, experiencing passionate love, unrequited love, painful breakups, warm healthy love, and everything in-between, served all as personal fuel and creative inspiration.

When working with me I'll listen carefully to your unique input and you'll get a whole new memorable love song + all the key elements to finalise your track in the best possible way when going into production.

- Song demo track
- Clear Melody line Vocals
- Piano audio & MIDI
- Lyrics

Excited to hear from you and get to work!

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.


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11 Reviews

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  1. Review by SoundReserve
    check_circleVerified (Client)

    Another track complete with Juliette! It's so fun to have developed such a good partnership with Juliette! We become more and more experienced working together with every new track we complete. With Juliette's writing and singing capabilities, it is only a matter of time before her career takes off! Five star rating! Cannot wait to work with her again!

  2. Review by SoundReserve
    check_circleVerified (Client)

    Juliette is a very pleasant artist to work with! She writes great songs with structures that provide clear direction. She's an artist understands how the production side works which helps tremendously when brainstorming ideas. While she knows exactly what she is looking for, she is also flexible and allows the producer to bring ideas to the table. Very happy with the partnership taking place and excited to be working on her next project right now! I highly recommend her for your project.

  3. Review by Alexandre Masson
    by Alexandre Masson

    Had a very good session, Juliette is very pro, sensitive and skilled.
    Her strong artistic identity and had a very pleasant touch to the song I was singing.
    Well done Madame, hope our musical paths cross again

  4. Review by Sylvain Rigollot
    by Sylvain Rigollot

    I've had the occasion to play in a Folk/Rock band with Juliette, and it's a great artistic and musical experience to work with her. She can sing, play several instruments, guitar, bass, keybords. Juliette writes personal and beautiful songs full of emotions. Also she has a remarkable feeling and is very adaptable according to the musical demands. And her enthusiasm and passion for music is so communicative that soon you want to create new songs with her and continue the experience !

  5. Review by François Cloteaux
    by François Cloteaux

    It’s a real pleasure to work with Juliette. She is a curious and open-minded artist with a fantastic and original universe, inspired by diverse artistic genres. She will pay close attention to your needs and make sure to deliver your project in line with your expectations. Not to mention her smile and good spirit!

  6. Review by Daniel Haccoun
    by Daniel Haccoun

    With her colorful creations, Juliette takes us into her world of sweetness.
    We gladly let ourselves be carried away by the magic of her music, the creativity of her lyrics and the beauty of her voice.
    In addition, it is very pleasant to work with her (I had this chance), because she is a comrade full of spirit, humor and professionalism.
    It is with great pleasure that I will start a project with her again.
    A truly great artist. Thank you Juliette!

  7. Review by David P.

    Great job with Juliette. Very persistent and perfectionist. She can give interesting proposals for arrangement. She has an atypical voice timbre and can work on differents music styles. I recommend her :-)

  8. Review by Olivier Z
    by Olivier Z

    Juliette is just the best artist I've ever played with

    Creativity, melody, rythm, vocal power, accuracy.
    All is epic with Juliette.
    Professionnal, Fast, funny, moving, bewitching...
    Then, when you just sit and have the chance to listen her mermaid voice... Divine.

  9. Review by Gael Prigent - Chombi
    by Gael Prigent - Chombi

    I met Juliette a year ago in a very informal sound seminar where she performed a song that truly impressed me - and even moved me a little, I confess...
    This day, when she eventually sat behind the piano and start singing, everybody in the Studio Maracadet's control room went silent : that song was so simple, so elegant, her performance so genuine, fragile, human... I guess, we were all blown away in the most delicious way.

    So I called her back for some more sessions and I discovered a truly nice woman, a real professionnal and a very talended artist to whom I wish the very best. :)

  10. Review by Steve Prestage
    by Steve Prestage

    Juliette is one of the most talented singer/ songwriters i have ever had the pleasure to meet. An amazing professional who sets very high standards for herself and also for the people she works with. Her songs are magnificent and inspiring and should be on everbody's playlist.

  11. Review by Bernard
    by Bernard

    Having worked with Juliette on multiple tracks, I really appreciated her professionalism and her creative talent. A real pleasure and a true sharing at every session ! Outstanding !

Warrior Poetry + Can't Get Enough

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