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I am first of all a lover of music in all its nuances, I love updating myself by discovering different genres from which I draw for my compositions. If you want to do something new and give a touch of creativity to your tracks, you can ask me to rearrange them in an orchestral way, it will be worth it!

Environmental acoustic technician, sound engineer, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist musician. I learned to do my job thanks to my studies in physics and my great passion for music of (almost) all genres. I also studied orchestral composition and harmony to practice my great passion for soundtracks and cinematic music.

About me.
My approach to music is very spiritual: I believe in the great power of listening to a sound and in what arises in ourselves from the perception of it. Therefore, in my work I attach great importance to the choice of sounds and to ensure that the final result is as personal as possible. I’m an accurate worker and I take commitments very seriously, but at the same time I am a very humble and reserved guy. I designed and built my own studio and in this way I discovered this fascinating and vast world, very complex, which in its technicality leaves a lot of room for creativity. I believe that being a musician and also a producer at the same time is a great selling point, because you think both ways; in fact, behind each track of mine there is a meticulous and accurate choice of each single equalizer, compressor etc, so as to result in the exact sound I was looking for.

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In this song I rearranged the beautiful "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" in an orchestral way.

I was the Arranger, Mixing and Mastering engineer in this production

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