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Team is here to deliver finished works and quality production even just starting from an idea you have in your mind. Years of experience and past works which involved Planet Funk, Simple Minds, Devo's Gerald Casale, Gaudi.

She's Super is a team of producers, songwriters, djs and session musicians based in Italy.

She's Super Records experience starts in far 1997 and has given us the pleasure and privilege to be involved in works with names such as Planet Funk, Simple Minds, Devo's Gerald Casale and Gaudi.

Our mission is to develop music from any point of the production to the finish line and doing so with the highest quality.

Our services includes but are not limited to

1.Production and composition
2.Mixing and Mastering
3.Working on your unfinished projects
4.Turn your Ideas into final track
5.Adding provided vocals
6.Adding Female vocals

Feel free to contact us before placing the order for a friendly chat to better understand your target and our commitment.

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