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Hi my name's Danilo, I'm a professional bass player in live and recording studio, I'm playing live with important italian pop artists. The musical genres in which I specialize are mainly pop, rock, funk, soul and dance. My main job is the recording studio, I work in different studios and I have my private studio.

For recording I use:
DAW: Pro tools 12
PREAMP: api 512c, neve 1073, universal audio 610
COMPRESSORS: 1176, distressor, cali 76
CONVERTER: burl b2 bomber

Various 4-string and 5-string jazz fenders, including a 1969 and 1978 originals.
Precision 1969 and 55 '
Music man stingray 4
5 Strings: music man stingray,sadowsky lakland ecc.
Semi-acoustic: epihpone jack casady
acoustic basses:fender and epiphone el capitan 5 fretless
Electric double bass ns design
Acoustic double bass

Fender bassman 1970, ampeg svt4, ampeg svt classic 300, genz benz shuttle
ampeg pf112, 410he, 410hlf, aguilar db412, ,mesa boogie powerhouse 2x10 and 1x15, proamp 2x10
akg 414
sennheiser 421
shure sm 57
akg d112

I use in addition to a wide range of pedal effects such as overdrive, distortion, octaver, filter, fuzz etc.

Contact me if you need to record the bass in your musical performance, we can find the right sound and the perfect line.

"The price refers to a single song, if you have some songs together we can talk about a discount."

Click the 'Contact' above to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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