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MUSIC is my best friend since I was born_Mixer-Producer-Mastering engineer since 1995. I´ve worked with many Spanish bands and artists with very high levels of sales and streams (Dover, Heroes del Silencio, Melendi, Depedro, Pignoise, La Cabra Mecánica, La La Love You) some of which have had several number one hits in the most top radios in Spain.

I love it when my clients are happy with the result of our work. My philosophy as a producer is to listen and get to know the artist and his music up to an emotional level, working together so they can feel I care for their music. Creativity and inspiration are the most important things in my recording sessions.
Mixing is my passion, with more than 25 years of experience I work applying all the best professional techniques and tricks, I spend all the time the mix needs. Like some of the top mixers I´ve done a transition from full analog gear to a hybrid (Protools HDX-Analog Summing) mix studio, so I can move on mixing but be able to make revision days or even weeks later if somebody suggest changes, this way is more creative for everyone. I also offer remote Mix & Mastering.
I mix all types of styles, to me mixing is about Space, Punch, Clarity, and Low end but primarily I´m known for mixing and producing Pop Rock, Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Indie Folk, and Acoustic music.
Some of the artist i have worked with in Spain are: (Dover, Heroes del Silencio, Bebe, La La Love You, Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Amparanoia, DePedro, Angel Stanich, PigNoise, La Cabra Mecanica, La Musicalité, etc)
I won in 2007 the "best sound engineer" Spanish music award for my work in the album "Follow the City Lights" by the Spanish band Dover


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38 Reviews

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  1. Review by Renzo V.

    Dani Alcover is a great producer and sound engineer, besides being a good person, you can tell that he understands a lot about music and in the recording process he contributed many ideas to the band. Strongly recommended, we will definitely work with him again.

  2. Review by Patty Noa
    by Patty Noa

    Working with Dani was not only an amazing experience but also a really gratifying and rewarding experience. You can tell he does not only know a lot about music and music production but he is also an extremely creative individual who'll give his all to make your song something out of this world.

    My band and I worked with him to produce, mix and master two songs, and the outcome was astounding. Would definitely love to work with him again! I truly believe you're one of the best producers in Spain when it comes to rock, Dani! <3

  3. Review by Jesús Díaz
    by Jesús Díaz

    Dani is a great sound engineer with a long professional career. He has an extensive knowledge about the whole music creation process. He’s a tireless person, always looking for new techniques and tools that allows him to increase the quality of his work.
    He works perfectly both as a sound engineer and as a music producer and he adpapts to different styles. The results that I’ve had the chance to hear have always been excellent

  4. Review by David Alonso
    by David Alonso

    Dani is not only a brilliant and creative producer. He is also a remarkable sound engineer and mixer. He is the kind of producer who comes to give identity to each band.

  5. Review by Pedro Bravo
    by Pedro Bravo

    I know Dani since both were kids, we shared our passion for music and started doing things together. From that very beginning it was clear he was going to be a great professional: obsessed with sound and details, knowing all kind of techniques and tools, open minded for ideas...

    Later, in my career as a music writer and promoter, I’ve had the opportunity to see that those things were still whith him plus the experience of years of dedication.

    If I had to make a recording, he would be in the first five positions on my top 5 list to do the job.

  6. Review by Ro Llamazares
    by Ro Llamazares

    Dani's such a Joy working with. Class A technical skills, excellent touch when it comes to manage the energy of a recording session, high professional standards, and an all-around great guy.

    I've recorded more than 60 songs with him, and still look forward to working with Mr Alcover again!

  7. Review by Ricardo R.

    Dani ha sacado el mejor disco y sonido de la historia de rojo omega

  8. Review by Javier Ezquerra
    by Javier Ezquerra

    I'm Javier, from the Spanish band OBA TENGA. I strongly recommend working with Dani Alcover either as a producer, engineer or mixer. Not only is he technically impeccable but he knows how to bring out the best of each musician, creating a great atmosphere in the studio. Dani is a music and sound enthusiast, and always knows how to find what the song needs. Whatever your project is he will always give you a spectacular result. Look no further!!

  9. Review by Darío García Salas
    by Darío García Salas

    Dani Alcover get the best of you and the band when you work with him. He has produced us an EP and for sure we will produced many more songs with him. A part of the quality of sound you get with this guy and the composing skills he has its so easy the way you can comunicate with him in the process of recording. Darío from Darío KÉ!

  10. Review by Ramiroquai McTersse
    by Ramiroquai McTersse

    More than 20 years working with Dani, high-skilled mixer, producer and sound engineer.
    I use to recommend him as my first option due to his equipment and above all he is very experimented within a lot of different styles.

  11. Review by Darío García Salas
    by Darío García Salas

    Dani Alcove get the best of you and the band when you work with him. He has produced us an EP and for sure we will produced many more songs with him. A part of the quality of sound you get with this guy and the composing skills he has its so easy the way you can comunicate with him in the process of recording. Darío from Darío KÉ!

  12. Review by Noiah
    by Noiah

    Dani es uno de los mejores productores de España. Alguien que ha producido tantos discos, tan variados y de tanta calidad que se ha convertido en referencia.
    Más allá de su impecable nivel técnico, es impresionante su capacidad de asesorar a nivel artístico y ejecución musical para hacer crecer las canciones sin restar identidad y frescura a las composiciones del artista.

    El equipamiento y confort de su estudio es sobresaliente.
    Hemos trabajado codo con codo con él en nuestros dos últimos trabajos y ahí está el resultado. Busca Noiah en Google y dale al play! 👌🏻

  13. Review by Juan Manuel Alcedo Patino
    by Juan Manuel Alcedo Patino

    I've had the opportunity to work with Daniel for a full album a few years ago! Couldn't be happier, very motivational and positive experience with the recording sessions, and the final product.

  14. Review by Ernesto Guilmain
    by Ernesto Guilmain

    Dani Alcover, posiblemente sea el mejor productor con el que he trabajado. Muy creativo y muy meticuloso a la hora de sacar buen sonido a las guitarras.

  15. Review by jose maria rey
    by jose maria rey

    Hola Soy Chema Rey y conozco a Dani desde hace lustros.Desde sus producciones de Dover hasta las mas recientes relaciones con Angel Stanich o El Meister (Javier Vielba de CorizonaasArizona Baby) siempre es una granatia de sonido idóneo y solidez profesional asi como un maestro en las mezclas..Uno de las mas grandes de España, sin duda. Suerte Dani.

  16. Review by Alejandro R.

    The best musical producer in Spain!!!

  17. Review by Manuel del campo
    by Manuel del campo

    Durante 25 años he estado confiando en Daniel para la grabacion, produccion y puesta en escena de numerosos y diferentes proyectos. La sensacion de trabajar con un autentico profesional que sabe muy bien lo que hace ha sido siempre fantástica. Abierto siempre a escuchar antes que a imponer, sabe bien sacar de cada canción y de cada musico lo mejor, destacando el trato cordial y diplomático en las situaciones mas variopintas, haciendo una labor , tanto musical como de sicología para crear un ambiente de trabajo inmejorable, demostrando en ocasiones una paciencia de lama tibetano.

  18. Review by kosta vazquez
    by kosta vazquez

    highly recommended!! Great producer and great person.

  19. Review by Pablo
    by Pablo

    Hello, I am Pablo, bassist player and singer of the spanish band OBA TENGA. Working with Daniel is not only inspirational but also a real pleasure. He has taken our music to levels we didn't even imagine.

  20. Review by Bruno Fuente Pascual
    by Bruno Fuente Pascual

    Soy Bruno Fuente, cantante y guitarra de Rojo Omega. Trabajamos con Dani en la grabación de nuestro último disco y el resultado final superó ampliamente nuestras expectativas.
    Profesionalidad y trato cercano y amigable a partes iguales. No lo dudes ni un momento si quieres que tu música suene como tu imaginas que debe sonar.

Interview with Dani Alcover

  1. Q: What are you working on at the moment?

  2. A: I always have projects going on, it´s the fruit of many years of hard work.

  3. Q: What's your 'promise' to your clients?

  4. A: I will do everything I possibly can to get the best results for them.

  5. Q: What's the biggest misconception about what you do?

  6. A: There is no misconception, just do a good job, try to understand what the client wants and explain how I can get there. Give them all the information of what I'm doing and why, if they don´t like it move forward, no problem.

  7. Q: What questions do you ask prospective clients?

  8. A: Tell me what is that you need and how much creativity you want from me to provide in all the process.

  9. Q: How would you describe your style?

  10. A: Open, I like trying new things and proposals, but the mix always has to be wide and clear even if the music is kind of dirty and underground, like The Black Keys.

  11. Q: Which artist would you like to work with and why?

  12. A: The list could be very long, but in the last couple of years I have a fantasy, seeing my self working in a song or an album with Tylor Swift, I think she is a great composer and great musician, a thing that I like a lot from Tylor is, every video I see of her in the studio it looks like she is enjoying the process very much and she is having a good time working on the song and the arrangement. It would be a big responsibility but also I´m sure it would be great fun and knowledge.

  13. Q: Tell us about a project you worked on you are especially proud of and why. What was your role?

  14. A: 8 years ago I produced, mixed & mastered a band call LA LA LOVE YOU, they didn't have a record label and they paid for all the production process, after finishing the record y realize it could get its way in the music industry and began searching for a label to put it out, after a few months a small label but with hi credits sign with them, they were very happy, but the label couldn't do much for the band to become successful, nobody pays attention to that record. After 7 years, a popular singer on a tv show mentioned that record and played a couple of songs, sedately thousands of persons heard that band and his unknown record and started to stream it like if it was a new big hit, today the band is doing very well and I´m very happy for them. It's one of my most important clients.

  15. Q: What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

  16. A: Is it going to sound like.........., my answer is, to sound like........ you should hire that artist to play your song, I prefer to give you personality, it will sound like you but competitive.

  17. Q: What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

  18. A: There are a lot of good professionals in this platform, they all can do a good job, listen to their examples to get an idea, and check the price to see if it's ok for you, then follow your instincts and contact with him to get to know him and how he feels about working in your song. Sure you´ll choose the right one.

  19. Q: Analog or digital and why?

  20. A: Wow, this is a tricky one, I love analog gear, I grew up with it, but digital software has improved a lot and hardware emulations are getting very close, almost identical in some cases. Some of the top mixers have changed to digital mixing because it sounds good (they get what they are used to) and the flexibility for mixing review is very fast, sounds exactly & don´t expire. That´s very important in today's mixing.

  21. Q: What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?

  22. A: I went for it as soon as I finished my studies, I can say I´ve been doing this all my life, I had it very clear since I was 14.

  23. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  24. A: In the last few years, I´ve been doing all my mixing and mastering in my mixing studio with a hybrid setup of Protools HDX with tons of plug-ins (the best sounding emulations and originals) and the heart of the sound with a multi-buss setup (Neve 8816 summing mixer and a Kahayan Epsilon Limited 4K summing mixer)

  25. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  26. A: All music that makes me feel something emotional, that catches me, inspires me. I love listening to music on headphones and discover the little details in a good production.

  27. Q: What's your typical work process?

  28. A: My work process is to keep going until we have what we´re looking for, never give up.

  29. Q: What's your strongest skill?

  30. A: Mixing is one of my strongest skills, I love it, also understanding the concerns of the artist without putting mine on top, have fun in the process is very important for me, reason & dialogue.

  31. Q: Can you share one music production tip?

  32. A: Listen, listen & more listen, try to discover and feel what the song has to say, never know what might come up.

  33. Q: What type of music do you usually work on?

  34. A: Mostly Rock, Pop Rock, Pop, Indie Rock & Pop, Alternative Rock, Folk, Acoustic, Blues, Reggae, Urban.

  35. Q: What do you bring to a song?

  36. A: A mix of what the client desires and what I can bring to it. I love it when music sounds punchy, open, clear & warm. In the production aspect, working hand to hand with the artist is the most important thing for me, is their project, not mine.

  37. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  38. A: I do Music Production, Mixing & Mastering for most of the projects I work on, I also do a lot of remote Mixing & Mastering for other clients. Some times I do Programing, Editing, Vocal Tuning, etc.

  39. Q: What do you like most about your job?

  40. A: The Music and getting to know great musicians an great people.

  41. Q: If you were on a desert island and could take just 5 pieces of gear, what would they be?

  42. A: A ribbon mic, a Neve preamp, Protools, Speakers & a cell phone :)

Dover - Do Ya

I was the Producer, Mixer & Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

I offer full service on Production, Mixing and Mastering, doing everything on my hand to make the client HAPPY with the results, I'll make all the revs I consider appropriate (no additional costs)

GenresSounds Like
  • Pearl Jam
  • AC/DC
  • Wilco
Gear Highlights
  • Neve Preamps & Summing
  • Solid State Logic Preamps & Software
  • Kahallan Epsilon Limited 4K Summing
  • ProTools HDX
  • Avalon 737
  • Universal Audio
  • Waves
  • Plugin Alliance
  • Softube
  • Eventide
  • Lexicon
  • Genelec
  • Yamaha
  • Flux
  • Slate Digital
  • Valhalla
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