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Control, Balance, Clarity and some special flavour

We offer Mixdown, Stem & Group Mixing and Mastering. These Services can be combined as our customers wan't and need them. Of couse you can give us reference tracks and tell us what you want us to take special care of. We never change the original mixdowns exept we're supposed to so the artist always keeps the original sonic picture & imagination of his track as it's ment to be. At the End of the day music is always subjective, therefore we always create a total balanced version and then tweak it the way our customer wants it. What sets us appart is our UHQ Soundsystem which has extremely flat frequency response and a very high efficiency. But with that enough said, just take a listen yourself and for any questions don't hesitate to contact us! Prices depend on Project Size, types of service and expected duration.

For offers and any other questions you can contact:

For example please check the Soundcloud playlist or contact us, unfortunately we can't upload wav files here.

Send me a note through the contact button above.


Terms Of Service

We normally offer 2 revisions without additional costs, turnaround time depends on the project size (Mastering Service takes roundabout 2 days).

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