Audio Mastering To Enjoy Music

Yoreille on SoundBetter

I'm FOH engineer for 18 years. I keep going in this field which I love because I'm the last man between the music and the audience ears. It takes a lot of responsibility, and philosophie. As an audio mastering engineer I like to feel the same.

Audio Mastering is like the varnish on the furniture,
Or the packaging of the bouquet of flowers,
Or the intense and hot filter on the photo.

In short, it is not much because the essential is already done during the mixing process.
But this is the essential step that finalizes the project, professionalizes it,
And makes it presentable to the wooooooorld.

In analog and digital I will take care-care of your sound in order to send it in fit condition on the Web in Streaming or at the CD and / or Vinyl and / or cassette to the factory plant

Your fans with long, medium or even short hair (!) Will enjoy your music at the best sound quality;)

THANK YOU for taking the time, reserving money and trusting a real organic human to work on your project.

Send me a note through the contact button above.

Gear Highlights
  • UA Waves Voxengo Plugins
  • Izotope RX8
  • Reaper
  • HOFA DDP Maker
  • Vintage Maker Neumann Amp
  • TK Audio BC2ME
  • SPL StréréoQ
  • TK Audio TKLizer2
  • Buzz Audio DBCM
  • Avalon Vt747sp
  • Apogee Symphony
  • Forssel DA converter
  • Waves L2 Ultramaximiser
  • SPL MasterBays
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