Guilherme d'Almeida

Session Bassist & Mixing

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Former bassist of O Terno e Grand Bazaar and many other projects.


My name is Guilherme d'Almeida. I've been a bass player for more than 15 years now.
With my main project O Terno, I've record several records (listed below) and toured around the world, being part of important festivals and venues such as Lollapalooza, Week-End Festival e Lincoln Center.

I'm also part of Grand Bazaar, an unique project that aproachs music from all around the world.

As session bass player, I've had worked with many Brazilian artisis and did recordings with Lulu Santos, Tom Zé, Luiza Lian, Eristhal Luz and many more.

In my spare time, I also passionate about mixing & producion .

Records List:

With O Terno:
- 66 (2012)
- O Terno (2014)
- Melhor Do Que Parece (2016)
- (2019)

Singles with O Terno:

- Tic Tac / Harmonium
- Diretos

With Grand Bazaar
- Grand Bazaar (2012)
- II (2013)
- Glória (2018)

With Luiza Lian:
- Luiza Lian (2013)

With Eristhal Luz:
-Passado Promissor (2019)

With Fortuna Safdie:
-Tchiribim Tchiribom (2017)

As Guest Musician:
-"Lava" - Lulu Santos
- "Papa Francisco Perdoa Tom Zé" - Tom Zé

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