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I specialize in: Audio restoration (regardless of how bad the audio might be, I can improve it. Guaranteed). Custom Sound Design for your music. (I will produce custom-made sounds that NOBODY else has but you. Guaranteed). I guarantee to ALWAYS leave you 100% satisfied with my work or you dont have to pay.

I recently graduated from BIMM university in Berlin in which I was grateful to be able to hone my skills of audio restoration and sound design to a much deeper level. Don‘t let yourself be dissuaded by my young age and short career, please check all my audio examples so that you can see how capable I am. I give you my GUARANTEE that if you decide to work with me, you WILL be 100% satisfied!

Audio Restoration: Some of the things that can be done through this process include cleaning podcast audio, removing hiss and ground noise from electric instruments, reducing the room reverb from a recording, isolating the vocals from the band in a live session, restoring difficult to understand audio recorded in very windy locations, reducing minor clipping and noise from improperly recorded vocals or instruments.

Sound Design: I can make unique and custom-made samples of textures, one hits and vocal manipulations that you can use in your music. These samples are not featured anywhere else as I make them myself outside of traditional DAWs. Additionally, you can send me one of your recordings and i can manipulate it to turn it into a different sound, in this way you can have a sound that is not only unique but also personal and intimate to you.

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Terms Of Service

I will provide you samples of your project as I work on it. I am fully open to your feedback in order to tweak and adjust the project to make it EXACTLY what you have in mind.

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