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Film Composer

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Dalit Ziv is a film composer, working from her studio in Tel Aviv, Israel. Dalit is a flutist, a singer and a composer. Dalit recieved her formal education in composition, and music performance from “Rimon School of Jazz". Dalit attended a two year masters degree of film and tv production in Tel Aviv University as writer director.

Born and live in Israel, Dalit started her educational path studying music performance and composition in Rimon, the highly acclaimed School of contemporary music in Israel. After graduating she flew away to Boston, U.S. Dalit attended Lesley College in Cambridge and got her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies.
After graduating she went back to Israel and started working as an assistant director in the movie industry. Soon, Ms.Ziv joined a new initiative and established an alternative documentary women’s show called ‘Women’s Talk’. She soon became one of two women producers who gathered a group of women from different parts of society, creating a platform for various voices to be heard.
In 2011 ms. Ziv attended a masters program for film and tv directors in Tel Aviv University, where she wrote and directed two more films.

All those years Dalit was continuing her musical path as a composer, writer, arranger and musical producer. Her first compositions were instrumental, then Lyrics joined in. Dalit have three albums. The last EP 'Wild Amoeba' was produced by ms. Ziv.

Dalit have been composing music for short films since 2010.
Nowadays, Dalit sees music composing for film as her main passion and interest. It combines her two passions.

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