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My name is Oliver and I go by the alias OMAS. I have with releases on Subsidia Records, Crowsnest Audio, Elysian Records and more! I was also featured on YourEDM's top 40 artists to watch for in 2021. I specialize in all forms of melodic bass and bass music, and with my help I am confident I can take your production skills to the next level!

1: I offer 1on1 tutoring sessions on Zoom, where we can dive into your projects and improve your weaknesses. We can also go into more specific subjects like sound design, arrangement, music theory, music business, etc. I offer individual sessions as well as discounted 5,10, or 20 lesson plans!

2. I also offer mixing and mastering services that range from a full master, stemmed master, and full mix and master that can make your track sound professional and ready to be commercially released.

3. I also offer ghost production if this is a route you wish to take as well. Message me for more details on exactly what you are looking for.


1on1 Lesson (1HR): $80

Full Mix/Master: $300

Stemmed Master: $120

Master: $60

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

30 Reviews

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  1. Review by Maya Pollard
    by Maya Pollard

    I started producing about 8 months ago to date and thanks to Oliver, & others, I consider current production level over well over the typical threshold for this timeframe. Moreover, I left a three-year position/legal career to study under Oliver, & others, in the Fast Forward Music Mentoring Program. Without a doubt, Oliver’s dedication in helping new artists grow SHINES through one of the most passionate, motivational approaches to mentoring that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. SUPER blessed to have learned and continuing learning from this phenomenal human/artist. 10000/10 recommend.

  2. Review by Maya Pollard
    by Maya Pollard

    I started producing about 8 months ago to date and thanks to Oliver, & others, I consider current production level over well over the typical threshold for this timeframe. Moreover, I left a three-year position/legal career to study under Oliver, & others, in the Fast Forward Music Mentoring Program. Without a doubt, Oliver’s dedication in helping new artists grow SHINES through one of the most passionate, motivational approaches to mentoring that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. SUPER blessed to have learned and continuing learning from this phenomenal human/artist. 10000/10 recommend.

  3. Review by Justin
    by Justin

    I worked with Oliver for 12 weeks and it was truly life changing. My producing game has increased 10 fold. Unlike other producers I have worked with I could tell Oliver wanted to help and he truly met me where I was. Teaching me tricks and techniques you won’t find on YouTube or anywhere else. On top of that his songwriting is truly on point, taught me how to add emotion to previously emotionless music same with movement. So basically, if you need help with songwriting, emotion, movement and anything related to EDM this is definitely the man for you!!!!

  4. Review by Sean
    by Sean

    Oliver is not only a skilled musician and engineer, he is also an extremely cool and well mannered individual who is awesome to work with. He replies fast and is always open to a discussion. I have really enjoyed working with him as a mentor and think $80 an hour is an incredible value for what you get with him.

  5. Review by Naftali Zuckerman
    by Naftali Zuckerman

    An overall fantastic mentor, OMAS really knows how to get right into the heart your particular issues. Well rounded in all areas of production, he especially kills it when advising on arrangement and writing. Over the course of 12 weeks, OMAS gave me direct and personal input of my problem areas and really helped me grow massively as a producer in a short period of time.

  6. Review by Patrick
    by Patrick

    I have had 8 Sessions With Oliver and He has Been Extremely Helpful from my First session when i didn't know much. He was Patient, Understanding, and made you feel comfortable with sharing your projects and ask your Questions Now I just finished the Most recent session and from 1-8 i have not only learned Multiple New important things about Producing. But AFTER every Session i have Progressed and grown because of his willingness to Listen to your Questions and REALLY Helps you not just kinda get it but Fully understand. I Recommend Oliver to EVERYONE that produces that's serious about music.

  7. Review by Paul
    by Paul

    I had a great session with Omas, very excited to continue to work with him.

  8. Review by Anthony Garcia
    by Anthony Garcia

    I worked with Oliver and he definitely helped me with the areas I struggled in! Very knowledgeable and learned a ton working with him! Would definitely recommend for anybody at any level!!

  9. Review by Ethan Knowles
    by Ethan Knowles

    In the 12 weeks working with Oliver, he has become not only a mentor but a good friend. Working with him has greatly influenced my music!! I can not recommend this guy enough!

  10. Review by Arthur Sparks
    by Arthur Sparks

    I worked with Oliver for 12 weeks and there is absolutely a direct correlation between talking to Oliver and my production skills improving. He's a fast-talking, no-nonsense guy who is focused on actionable items instead of just vague ideas. After each session with him, I always had a list of things I could do immediately to improve my projects. I am definitely looking forward to working with him again in the future.

  11. Review by Brian Zimmerman
    by Brian Zimmerman

    Oliver is super knowledgeable about his craft, keeps our sessions to what's important in order to achieve those immediate goals, and is always willing to give advice. All around great experience and will be doing more

  12. Review by Nathan Renaud
    by Nathan Renaud

    Really enjoyed meeting him. Such a great guy to talk to, always know what to answer for any questions you got, he know exactly what to tell you and what to do for any kind of situation or topic that you want to elaborate on. He’s the man!

  13. Review by Taylor ONeil
    by Taylor ONeil

    I took a lesson with Oliver and it was super helpful. We talked before hand about what I wanted to cover and learn. Then in the lesson he effectively went over those topics in a timely manner. Definitely worth every penny and I'm taking more lessons asap!

  14. Review by Matt Pham
    by Matt Pham

    I had jumped around quite a bit when it came to our session, and Oliver adapted well with his empathetic and professional mannerism. He had elaborated information from different angles on topics that I've been struggling with for months in just a single session, and for that I am grateful. I feel more confident in being able to apply my knowledge of mixing, and looking forward to working with OMAS more in the future.

  15. Review by Dan
    by Dan

    Really enjoyed my time with Oliver, he’s a great guy and his music is top notch.! As someone who’s only been producing for a little over a year, learning from someone on his level was an amazing experience. The knowledge I gained from him in just a few short months is priceless. The whole experience has me super excited to keep making music and applying all the techniques, tips and tricks I’ve learned. If you want to level up your production without wasting hours, weeks, months, years in a youtube hole, then look no further. Thanks Oliver!

  16. Review by Valentin
    by Valentin

    Oliver is a really nice guy and so patient! He is really professional I was impressed so thank you very much dude for this session!

  17. Review by Hunter Lauck
    by Hunter Lauck

    Within 3 minutes of any given session, Oliver knows exactly where to start to help you clean up and brighten your mixes. He seems to have a wide range of knowledge and adapts well to favor whatever vibe you’re choosing to go with. Very personable dude and actually cares about the linear progress geared toward where you’re at and where you’re headed. I will be returning for more!

  18. Review by Christian  Kahl
    by Christian Kahl

    Working with Oliver has been incredible. He is so easy to connect with on a personal level plus he really knows production/mixing/mastering. When I work on a project, I always know I will get the best advice and have 100% confidence in Oliver. Also, whenever I have a question, I can message Oliver and he always gets back to me really quickly. I 100% recommend Oliver and am so lucky that I get to work with him.

  19. Review by Matt Bergland
    by Matt Bergland

    It’s not often that you find someone who can connect with you on a personal level while providing an expert service like tutoring/mentoring. Oliver is flexible and understanding, knowledgeable and patient, and truly delivers a quality and thoughtful teaching experience. I recommend him to anyone who wants to hone their craft and/or learn music production.

  20. Review by Kol
    by Kol

    I highly highly recommend you to get a 1on1 lesson with Omas, hes the best at what he does and will be in your top edm producers in the next few releases!!

  21. Review by Charly V
    by Charly V

    Oliver is not only one of the most talented producers I've met and just as good of a teacher. His way of explaining things is so thorough but very simple. Our session was probably the most enlightening I've had and really opened my eyes to several things as far as production goes. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone trying to learn how to simplify the more intricate side of music production!

  22. Review by Nicholas Z.

    Did a few lessons with Oliver, learned a lot from him. Any questions I asked he explained and answered really well. Highly recommend him as he is a fantastic producer, and overall down to earth and nice guy to work with.

  23. Review by Jake R.
    by Jake R.

    I have taken lessons with others and was often left confused or unsatisfied. However, after my first Lesson with OMAS I felt confident to practice what it had learned. Things started to make sense and I began to progress (big and small) when I opened the DAW. OMAS doesn’t just explain the “how” or the “why” and that is what I was looking for! He also provided goals to meet by our next lesson. Highly Recommend!

  24. Review by Krista Shade
    by Krista Shade

    I highly recommend a 1on1 lesson with Oliver to any producer. He was very polite and extremely thorough in answering any questions I had. He was transparent in his methods and genuinely wanted to help me learn. He was also very considerate to tailor his answers to my production level. (12/10)

  25. Review by Dillon J.

    Oliver is an absolute beast in production. Only after 1 hour with him, I exponentially increased my production knowledge from what I thought I knew. He showed me production tricks and tips that I still use today. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to up their production game for themselves. Having a mentor that is currently putting out great music is an invaluable resource for any music mind.

  26. Review by Kurt Diable
    by Kurt Diable

    Oliver (Mr. OMAS) goes above and beyond with his lessons. always goes over time and doesn't mind. he doesn't keep any secrets and is very transparent (and more importantly personable). He goes above and beyond what is asked of him, making sure your needs as a client. would highly recommend him for any genre of EDM as he is very talented (11/10)

  27. Review by David
    by David

    Oliver is amazing. I've been doing lessons with him since the start of February. If there are questions about production, he always answers in full detail. I've definitely learned a lot from him and will continue to do lessons with him. I highly recommend him to those who want to get pushed to the next level. Oliver consistently delivers with lessons and goes over any questions you have. 11/10, definitely worth the money and you get a lot of feedback as well as learning more about how you can improve.

  28. Review by Jae S.
    by Jae S.

    EDM. MUSIC. EXPERT. If you're just starting out producing Bass/Dubstep/Trap music like me (but really any level), I can't recommend Oliver enough - he's been hugely impactful in not only developing my song structure, mixing, and sound design, but also highly knowledgeable about how the music business scene works. Apart from his technical/industry expertise, what sets Oliver apart is how genuine he is with his students - he's not the type to watch the clock or anything like that - he will always invest to give you 120% to make your project the ABSOLUTE best it can be. Def would recommend 11/10.

  29. Review by Kaden
    by Kaden

    Oliver is super knowledgeable on a lot of different production topics, and explains things in a way that’s really simple to understand, regardless of what level of production you’re at!

  30. Review by Kevin
    by Kevin

    Oliver is really talented and I learned a ton from him. Extremely detail oriented and patient. Would really recommend him for any of your music needs

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