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I am a mixing and mastering engineer with 30 years of audio experience. I will deliver to you a professionally mixed and/or mastered product.

GratitudeMusic has been working in the Music Industry for 30 years.
Starting in the live environment in 1991 as a tech, I soon gravitated to audio when buying a analog Tascam 388 recording/mixing desk with built in tape spool/machine and making demo's for my own band and other local bands.
This then evolved into mixing live front of house sound and my career quickly took off.
Side by side with this I continued to do studio work, frustrated at the amount of time that was left to mix a project after recording was complete and with the digital audio becoming more accessible I decided to set up my first mixing suite.
With the FOH work advancing to include more established clients, Killing Joke, Imelda May, Gregory Porter, Gerard Way, Will Young, James Morrison, Funeral For A Friend, Charlie Simpson, Black Stone Cherry, Carolina Liar and many more I was able to invest heavily in my mixing suite.
GratitudeMusic now owns and runs Magus Studio a Hybrid Mixing and Mastering suite based around Pro-Tools with 56 channels of A/D I/O for the assortment of Analog Gear.

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5 Reviews

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  1. Review by Diamond Dave Simpson
    by Diamond Dave Simpson

    Quality mixing and mastering comes from catching the unique sound that ever artist has.
    Ever artist has their own voice. As a performer, song writer or band , you want your audience to hear that thing that makes you
    This is where Waynne’s vast experience as a quality live engineer comes into play. Show after show waynne brings a bands energy and vitality to their live audience. What more could you want for your recordings. Waynne will effortlessly put those essential ingredients into your mix and mastering.
    Don’t be normalised or neutralised , be heard at your best.

  2. Review by Damon Head
    by Damon Head

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Waynne since 2016, while out with the band ‘Killing Joke’. Waynne’s live mixes have always been big, powerful and clean in every space from the smallest clubs to large outdoor spaces

    Waynne has also helped in producing and mixing my band Deadaudiosaints. The main bulk of the songs and parts were together in demo form, we then worked on chopping and changing elements to really get the best out of the song before recording all the live instrumentation. Waynne’s mixes have been fantastic and have a real focus on the live elements in the tracks.

  3. Review by Roi Robertson
    by Roi Robertson

    I'm the keyboard player for Killing Joke, and have worked with Waynne in the live 'arena' (pun intended) with him on many tours and shows for the 5 years and counting that I've played with the band. He is a world-class FOH engineer, who always manages to get a fantastic, solid, clear, full and incredibly energising sound for us under all manner of conditions, and with a myriad of different equipment too, all of which vary immensely dependent on which venue/town/festival/stadium/country we might be playing! He is a total pro, unutterably talented, and a damn splendid chap to boot.

  4. Review by Rolo The Woodentops
    by Rolo The Woodentops

    I'm currently coming to the end of a13 track album which would be a challenge for anybody. I know Waynne @ Gratitude as a FOH originally and I felt that the system he has built up would make my studio dream music much more live sounding and real. This is very much what happened. Due to lockdown we had to work remotely. This has been a lot of fun to do, I could also throw some unfinished pieces in 'to see what happened' Most are worked and arranged to the max so a couple of jams went though the Gratitude filter also, worked great! Methodical workmanship and things happened spontaneously.Result!

  5. Review by Marius
    by Marius

    I was really impressed and satisfied with the final master, the seller was really fast and efficient with their work and took every bit of feedback I had to give for each revision into account and got my song sounding exactly how I wanted it! I would highly recommend it!

Terms Of Service

Please email me to discuss your project as I am happy to work with you on your budget.
Mix's and Masters up to 5 revisions within reason.
Paypall Only.

Gear Highlights
  • SSL G384 Bus Comp
  • Maselec MLA3 Triband Comp
  • Tube Tech PE 1C's EQ's
  • Helios Type 69 Pre/Eq's
  • Focusrite ISA 430's Mk1
  • Ueri LA-4's
  • API 2500
  • Daking Eq's
  • Phoenix Audio DRS Pre's
  • EQ's
  • N90 Comps.
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